Trump fundraiser: The Donald's 'in it to win it'

Ernie Boch, Jr. helping Republican presidential candidate get his message out


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, now we have got a bit of an oxymoron for you, Trump fund-raiser.

The guy is a multibillionaire. He doesn't need a fund-raiser. Right?  Maybe I have got something mixed up here.

But Ernie Boch is with us now, Ernie Boch Jr., more to the point.

You are raising money for Donald Trump. Is that right?


CAVUTO: Well, either you are or you aren't.


BOCH: Well, yes, I am raising money for Mr. Trump but, not -- it's not a big ticket. It's not crazy ticket.

CAVUTO: How are you doing it?

BOCH: I'm having an event over at my home.

CAVUTO: Really?

BOCH: Yes, and he is going to come. And there will be a...

CAVUTO: Where is your home?

BOCH: ... donation -- in Massachusetts.


And what is the guest fee?

BOCH: It's $100, $100.

CAVUTO: All right, and what do you get for $100?

BOCH: You get to hang out at my house, a band, the band Fortune, one of the greatest cover rock bands in Massachusetts.


BOCH: Food. And we get to hear Mr. Trump.

CAVUTO: So Trump comes by. Do they get a picture with him?

BOCH: Yes. They get a picture with him.

CAVUTO: Oh, there you go, the game complete.

BOCH: Yes.

CAVUTO: Now, trump knows what you're up to. Right?

BOCH: Absolutely. I just left him.

CAVUTO: Really? And he is flattered, obviously, but he doesn't need you to raise money, or does he?

BOCH: Well, I don't think need is the word.

He views getting his word out, in my opinion -- I can't speak for him -- the currency is not moneys.

CAVUTO: Right.

BOCH: The currency is people. He wants to get in front of as many people as he can...

CAVUTO: I got you.

BOCH: ... and tell them what he thinks.

CAVUTO: Is it your -- how long have you been impressed with Trump?

BOCH: Since the '80s.

CAVUTO: Really?

BOCH: I'm 57 years old, born and bred in Massachusetts. Since the '80s.  I mean, most business guys look up to him.


So, you hear the rap he gets from people who aren't business guys or others who say, ah, he's not serious, he is plotting something else, but he's not really interested in the presidency. You think he is.

BOCH: I think he is, absolutely.

CAVUTO: Was he or did he express surprise to you at these poll numbers, across the board off the charts?

BOCH: He seemed -- he seemed like they were the right thing.

CAVUTO: Yes. The people who you're going to invite to this dinner..

BOCH: Yes.

CAVUTO: ... are they the type -- because I think about the type that are going to be in Iowa when he goes to the state fair. Would they approach pork chops on a stick?

BOCH: Well, in Massachusetts...

CAVUTO: You don't -- you do lobster.

BOCH: Lobster, yes.

CAVUTO: It's hard to put on a stick.

BOCH: Yes. Yes. I like lamb myself.

CAVUTO: Yes, I understand.

BOCH: But, in Massachusetts, it's mostly Democrats, mostly.


CAVUTO: That's what I hear.

BOCH: The last time Massachusetts -- the Republicans won, I think it was Reagan.

CAVUTO: Right.

BOCH: So what happens is, these Democratic candidates swoop in and they raise all this crazy money, giant ticket per -- per person, and then they leave, and nobody really knows if they came, if they went, because it's all like underground secret stuff.

CAVUTO: Right.

BOCH: I am bringing Mr. Trump to my house, at a very reasonable price, to show my friends and colleagues the man, and then they can decide, to see him up close and personal.

CAVUTO: Is it a big house? Because he has big houses.

BOCH: Yes, the -- I would venture to say we are going to have -- we will probably kiss 800 people.

CAVUTO: OK. All right. So you can fit a lot of people.

BOCH: Yes.

CAVUTO: You're being very modest.

Do you think that he is up to the campaigning part of this? You say you have known him since the '80s. I have known him since the '80s.

BOCH: No, I haven't known him since the '80s. I have been a fan since the '80s.

CAVUTO: I understand. But so -- I have covered him that long.

And the one thing that occurs to me is, he has built up an enormous wealth, multibillions. And I -- the retail, the rigors of retail campaigning and shaking all these hands and...

BOCH: He's doing a great job, though.

CAVUTO: Well, no doubt, but I'm just saying it gets grueling and it gets tiresome.

And I'm wondering, is he up to that, the pork chops on a stick, the fried everything else wherever you go? I can't see him donning a flannel shirt, but you know what I mean?


BOCH: He could definitely lose a couple pounds. He looks great.

CAVUTO: Does he know? Is he watching now that you're saying this?

BOCH: I don't know.


BOCH: But I'm not saying anybody bad. But he probably knows he could lose a couple pounds.

CAVUTO: But what do you think of this idea -- I know you're raising money, but it's more or less to bring in crowds.

BOCH: Right.

CAVUTO: I know how good he is with money, and I can't see him blowing a lot of money on this race. And I wonder if -- smart people I know like Charles Payne around here who sort of crunch numbers all the time wonder about whether he has the stomach to part with that much cash on what could be a dicey run.

BOCH: Right. Absolutely.

CAVUTO: What do you think?

BOCH: I think he is hell-bent on winning, and if he was a gas tank, I would say he is on full right now. And he is cooking.

CAVUTO: So, our Charlie Gasparino, you know what he says? I don't know if you follow him, because he makes no sense. You can go ahead and trash him.

He thinks he is a Hillary plant, that he thinks that Trump is actually trying to do this to help Hillary, divide Republicans.


BOCH: Does he believe that we landed on the moon?

CAVUTO: I don't know. I would have to check with Charlie.

BOCH: Because that is...

CAVUTO: He still things maybe the Earth is flat, doesn't he, Gasparino?  Because he wanted proof.

What do you think of that, that there's another agenda here?


BOCH: Absolutely not. I think he is in it to win it.

CAVUTO: He told you that?

BOCH: I truly do.

CAVUTO: He told you that he would go all the way?

BOCH: Well, no, I didn't get that big of a conversation with him.

CAVUTO: You got to see him.

BOCH: Yes.

CAVUTO: That's pretty good.

BOCH: Yes.

CAVUTO: Pretty good.

And from what I have been seeing, I think he is in it to win it.

CAVUTO: Ernie Boch, thank you very much.

BOCH: Thank you.

CAVUTO: Very good seeing you.

Good luck at the din-din.

BOCH: Yes.

CAVUTO: Eight hundred people at your house, that's pretty impressive.

BOCH: It will be cool.

CAVUTO: You're a very modest guy. All right.  

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