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Trump crushes competition in new poll ahead of GOP debate

Will Donald Trump keep dominating the polls through the big Fox News GOP debate in just a few days? Plus, will Vice President Joe Biden throw his hat in the 2016 ring? OTR's political panel sounds off!


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, "The Donald" does it again, the real-estate mogul actually crushing his Republican opponents in a brand new Fox News poll. Yes, trump drawing 26 percent support from Republican primary voters, way, way ahead of the other candidates. And eight points higher than his numbers mid-July in the Fox poll.

So, just look at these numbers. But will he keep dominating for the through the big Fox News debate now just three days away?


DONALD TRUMP, GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'm not a debater. These politicians they're -- I always say, they're all talk, no action. They debate all the time. They go out and they debate every night. I don't debate, I build, I've created tremendous jobs, I built a great company. I do a lot of things. And maybe my whole life is a debate in a way but the fact is I'm not a debater and they are. But, with that being said I look forward to it. We'll see what happens. Who knows? I don't think I'm going to be throwing punches. I'm not looking to attack. Don't forget every single...

JONATHAN KARL, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: You've been attacking. I mean, are you going to do it on the stage?

TRUMP: Yeah, every attack I made was a counter punch. I mean they attacked me first and I hit them back and maybe harder than they hit me. But the fact is that I've been attacked pretty viciously by some of these guys and I have a lot of respect for numerous people on the stage. I will tell you I have great respect for some of the people on the stage. But, I have been attacked and I counter punch. I didn't start the attack.

Now I'm no longer a businessman. Now I'm somebody who wants to make our country great, and the tone is too weak. You know, they're telling me and Jeb -- and I understand what he's saying. He said the tone, the tone. And Hillary used the exact same word, the tone of Trump. But we need a tough tone. They're beheading our people and -- I mean they're beheading Christians and the world is going crazy.

KARL: Your opponents aren't beheading anybody. I mean...

TRUMP: Excuse me, no but you know what? The tone has to be tougher. If we're going to stop ISIS, if we are going to clean up the border and stop what's happening at the border which is a disaster, which I was very proud to have brought up and took a lot of heat the first week. Now everyone is apologizing to me because they see that I was right.

KARL: Will you pledge not to run as a third-party candidate?

TRUMP: I will tell you this, I am leading in every poll and in some cases by a tremendous margin and people are a little bit surprised but I'm not surprised. And, people that know me aren't surprised because they see what's going on with this country. If I'm treated fairly by and don't win, but if I'm treated fairly by the Republican Party I would have no interest in doing that, if I am not treated fairly by the Republican Party, I very well might consider that I certainly would not give that up.


VAN SUSTEREN: And the "On the Record" political panel joins us, "The Washington Examiner" Susan Ferrechio and ABC Political Director Rick Klein. I probably should say that interview was with your colleague Jonathan Karl. Talking about the Fox News Poll that just came out 6:00 Donald Trump since June up 15 points in his numbers. Governor Bush, Governor Walker, flat, same numbers.

RICK KLEIN, ABC POLITICAL DIRECTOR: It is striking when you look at this. All of these candidates are struggling to get on the debate stage. Three or four points would get him there. Donald Trump at 26, he'd get seven podiums with the kinds of support he has right now. And when he says that he's leading in every poll, this is a man that's been known to bluster. He's been known to exaggerate. He's actually right.

If you look at the state polling, if you look at the national polling, it's been consistent. This surge is for real. It is a real dynamic that's going on in the Republican Party. Donald trump's got momentum.

VAN SUSTEREN: And, Susan you told me about a poll you sat down here that I didn't know about.

SUSAN FERRECHIO, THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER: This is a Rutgers poll that shows he is leading two to one, Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey. So, even in New Jersey his home turf, Donald Trump is leading him. And I think something he mentioned to me right before the cameras started rolling, which is look at where trump is polling from in this Fox Poll.

If you look at the way the polls have changed over the months. He's taking votes away from other conservatives, Ben Carson and others who, I think now the voters would like to see do well, but they think Trump is their best chance. And they see him as more viable. So, as the polls move along, trump is becoming a more credible candidate to the kind of conservative voters who didn't show up to vote for Mitt Romney, didn't show up to vote for John McCain. Now they see someone hey, Trump is a winner, Trump can win. We'll just see what happens after Thursday if he can hold these numbers.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know, Rick if you look who he pulled from, he pulled three points from Senator Rubio, he pulled four points from Senator Rand Paul, three points from Ben Carson. I mean, almost all the people went down almost -- almost every single point almost went over to him.

KLEIN: There is a -- there universe of voters out there that are looking at a bunch of candidates for the first time and trying to make judgments based on them. And they -- we've seen a lot of them get some flash. They get in the race, there's a big -- there was a Rubio bump. He was leading in some of the polls early on. We've seen for all of them that begin to fade away.

Donald Trump maybe not the normal polls of physics when it comes of politics with the unlimited funds that he has, with the unpredictable with the media saturation that he is capable of. And the fact that there's a message right now that is hitting with people, hitting with the Republican primary voters.

VAN SUSTEREN: And speaking of hitting, he does say that he doesn't attack that he just counter punches. I actually -- I mean, frankly he does -- it doesn't seem like he does throw the first punch but boy when he comes back he nukes you, twice as hard.

FERRECHIO: I think like five times in the last comment that you guys played just now when he was doing the interview with ABC, was really interesting because he said, I won't become a third-party candidate if the Republicans play fair with me. That's another way of saying you hit me, I'm going to hit you so hard you are going to lose in November. I mean that's a serious warning to the Republicans. My question is how are they going to respond to that? How are things going to change?

VAN SUSTEREN: I think that everyone wants to be quite within the Republican Party and not take swipes. I think they may have learned that he does hit hard. He takes no prisoners.

All right. And also tonight there are tremors in the Democratic Party, there are new signs that Vice President Joe Biden might jump into the presidential race. So, what does that mean for the current Democratic frontrunner Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton? And who does President Obama anoint his Vice President or his former Secretary of State?

Yes, plot thickens and you can start voting right now. Who do you think President Obama would vote for? Tweet Clinton or tweet Biden using #Greta and we're going to show you the live results on the bottom of the screen.

All right, Rick, Biden getting in?

KLEIN: I think the people around him are making this very easy for him. And there's a lot of encouragement he has gotten. He's going to spend some time in august talking to his family. This is obviously intensely personal. We know about the tragedy in his personal life. He's going to have to make that decision. But the political operation around him is stirring into life. They're beginning to put the pieces in place that would support a candidacy if he wants it, which he's made clear he is considering.

VAN SUSTEREN: Susan, as the viewers tweet their vote, how much of problem does this give President Obama if his vice president, former Secretary of State are both vying for his attention?

FERRECHIO: This comes from the fact that Hillary Clinton has not been a strong a candidate as Democrats would like. She created this opening. President Obama and Hillary Clinton have never been the best of friends. He's always backed up Joe Biden as his vice president. He brings him out to the podium for every major announcement. Josh Ernest on White House lawn give a very telling interview where he talked about Biden being the best choice the President ever made and they would like a spirited Democratic primary.

These are not ringing endorsement statements for Hillary Clinton. So I really think ultimately if he gets in the race and Hillary looks really weak, the president either stays out of it for a while and then kind of subtly endorses Biden which has happened in the past with other candidates or eventually he just backs Biden if Hillary is weak enough.

VAN SUSTEREN: Look at the vote right now where the viewers are tweeting their vote, who would President Obama go for. And it looks like right now, 79 percent Biden, over 21 percent Hillary Clinton.

And let's not forget there is -- there maybe some lingering hostility between -- remember in 2008 when the Obama campaign essentially called President Bill Clinton a racist in South Carolina. That went over like a led balloon with the Clinton campaign.

KLEIN: He has to stay neutral if this race develops. But the conversation I want to see is the private conversation. What does he do when Joe Biden goes to him and says, I'm doing this thing, is it oh that's nice you are doing this or is good for you, and, you know, I can't wait to see this develop. And the conversations around that, that's where the action is going to be.

FERRECHIO: Biden is Obama's legacy. Running for another term, Obama just said recently I could run for another term and I'd win. Well Biden is really a third term for President Obama. So I think, for him he'd love to see that happen. Is it the best thing for the party at this point, I don't know.

VAN SUSTEREN: Oh wow, look at the votes now. 83 percent are tweeting Biden, they think that President Obama would pick Biden over Clinton. OK, so good -- to the viewers keep voting, keep tweeting your vote. Thank you, panel.

KLEIN: Thank you.

FERRECHIO: Thank you.