Media continue to attack Donald Trump; Rand Paul hopes Planned Parenthood videos are a 'wake-up call'

Republican presidential candidate on defunding the organization on 'Hannity'


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST (voice-over): Tonight...


DONALD TRUMP, R-N.Y., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It never happened. It was total nonsense. They know that.


HANNITY: The mainstream media attempts to smear Donald Trump with a decades-old allegation that his ex-wife has repeatedly said is false.


TRUMP: Maybe it was a lawyer tactic or something.


HANNITY: Then, a shocking and very graphic new video exposes Planned Parenthood's potentially illegal fetal tissue practices.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think the per item thing works a little better just because (INAUDIBLE)


HANNITY: Senator Rand Paul is working to defund the organization. He is here exclusively tonight with reaction.


MIKE HUCKABEE , R-ARK., FMR. GOV., PRES. CANDIDATE: I will not apologize and I will not recant!


HANNITY: And Governor Mike Huckabee is not backing down from his comments about the Iranian nuclear deal. He's here tonight to respond to his critics.

And Tom Brady's suspension upheld by Roger Goodell. We'll have the very latest.

"Hannity" starts right here, right now.


HANNITY: Welcome to "Hannity." So with Donald Trump maintaining a very strong lead in the polls, the liberal media -- they could not resist the urge to try and smear the GOP presidential front-runner.

Last night, The Daily Beast published a hit piece against Trump with a headline that reads, quote, "Ex-wife: Donald Trump made me feel violated during sex." And this article goes on to describe a decades-old allegation that was made by Donald Trump's ex-wife, Ivana, that he had sexually assaulted her. Of course, absent from the headline is the fact that Ivana later denied the claim, and today she released a new statement to defend her ex-husband.

Donald Trump -- he referenced the statement in a radio interview with our very own Geraldo Rivera earlier today. Listen to this.


GERALDO RIVERA, FOX CORRESPONDENT: When the family comes up -- now they're dredging up your 1990 divorce with Ivana. They're talking about, you know, relationship -- used the word rape, et cetera. How do you deal with that?
What do you -- what do you (INAUDIBLE)

First of all, it's totally false. But you know, I was really happy to see this because I heard about it. And it never happened. It was total nonsense. And they know that. And maybe it was a lawyer tactic or something. And I don't even know where the hell it came from. But it certainly didn't happen. And you would have heard about that many years ago.

RIVERA: Really.

TRUMP: But this was something that you've -- that I remember a long time ago, something like this was stated. And Ivana just issued a statement, "I have recently read some comments attributed to me from nearly 30 years at a time of very high tension during my divorce from Donald. The story is totally without merit." This is from Ivana.

"Donald and I are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and we're very proud of. I have nothing but fondness for Donald and wish him the best of luck in his campaign." Then listen to this. "Incidentally, I think he would make an incredible president."

There's no rape there. Believe me, if that happens, you don't issue a statement like that. And she just issued it, which I must tell you I felt was terrific.


HANNITY: Joining us now with reaction from The Washington Times, Charles Hurt, and FOX News senior correspondent Geraldo Rivera. Wow! I mean, Ivana went to the wall for him! I mean, there's no merit to it. He'd be a great president. We -- he's one of my best friends. What else could she say?

RIVERA: You know, I have substantive issues with Donald Trump, but you cannot impugn his character in the way The DailyBeast attempted to do with these old divorce pleadings in a bitterly contested divorce, Ivana stepped up to the plate big-time. He's a wonderful family man. He never -- I mean, this allegation of marital rape is such a -- a -- a false -- it's nonsense. He denies it unequivocally.

HANNITY: And so did she way before this!

RIVERA: So does she, and she has before. This is a real smear job. This is really -- it's beyond the pale. It really (INAUDIBLE)

HANNITY: You know, Charles, I would expect now every word that's ever been written about Donald -- it's frustrating, I'm sure, for him that they never put in that she had retracted that, that she said it wasn't true. So...

CHARLES HURT, WASHINGTON TIMES: Well, it kind of makes you wonder why anybody would ever run for public office in this sort of environment.

What I think is very interesting, both of -- you know, going off of what both of you all had said -- you know, Donald Trump has done big, huge major deals, million-dollar deals for decades, and he's made a lot of enemies.
And this sort of thing has never come out. And yet the second he puts his toe into national politics, it gets into the gutter right away. It's how these people play.

HANNITY: But Charles...

HURT: And I think, Sean -- I think it says so much about the state of politics in this country today and how much trouble we are in.

HANNITY: I agree with all of that, but look how quickly he handled that and put it to bed! Done! And even the same with Michael Cohen. He was -- I've known Michael Cohen for years, great guy.

RIVERA: That's the lawyer.

HANNITY: Smart attorney. You know, he got so angry...


HANNITY: ... he told me that he, like, lost his mind. And he put out a clarification today. You know him, too. He's a great guy.

RIVERA: But he should have kept his mouth shut about law that he didn't understand.

HANNITY: Look who's talking!


RIVERA: No, no, no. He got his boss in trouble. I'm not happy with his performance.

HANNITY: All right, but...

HURT: But I think that -- I think that's what they -- what people are responding to with both of them. They -- they -- finally, someone in politics is saying it straight. And maybe they go over the line, but at least they're trying to say it straight. And people really like that right now.

RIVERA: And just imagine if they took the pleadings of every contested divorce in this country, the horrible things people say against each other before they...

HANNITY: I just want to see yours.

RIVERA: Oh, mine were all wonderful.


RIVERA: Everybody's happy. You never heard a peep from anyone. They're all...

HANNITY: You know what? I know that's true because I've seen you -- you're best friends with everybody.

RIVERA: Can we change the subject?



HANNITY: Can we go back to Trump. All right, I...

RIVERA: What is great is, he's a great father. He's a great grandfather.
It's a wonderful family.

HANNITY: Here's something interesting. And Charles, I could tell you from my experience, maybe Geraldo, before Trump ever got into this race, I used to go over to Trump Tower and I would interview him. I always saw his two sons, Donald and Eric, and Ivanka -- they were all working, you know, 24/7. They're not -- they're not entitled rich kids.

RIVERA: They really aren't.

HANNITY: They -- they -- Ivanka takes cabs. She doesn't even have a personal driver and she's a public figure in New York. Some -- he's done something really right with those kids, if the kids are a reflection of their parents.

HURT: And the key -- and the key thing that you just said is that they're-- that they're working for him. They're actually performing work. They're not -- they're not freak shows. They're not famous simply for being famous.

HANNITY: No, they're smart.

HURT: They're actually doing things, and that's a -- I mean, they're not the Kardashians. I mean, this is -- these are...

RIVERA: They're not famous for being famous. That's true. But I did mention to Donald my fear that some of the backlash that he is experiencing right now, with Macy's dropping his clothing line, with the whole Miss USA, et cetera, I worry that that might splash over onto Ivanka, who has her own career, wonderful shoe designer and jewelry and clothing...

HANNITY: If I had my own observations...

RIVERA: I just hope that they don't hit her because they hate her dad.

HANNITY: If had my own observations, I think she loves her dad.

RIVERA: She loves her dad. No doubt about.

HANNITY: And so I don't think she would care. I mean...

RIVERA: No, but you can't...

HANNITY: Like, I take a lot of heat for being your friend.


RIVERA: That's true!

HANNITY: And I accept it. I mean, even though you're wrong on most things.

RIVERA: I know (INAUDIBLE) your wife loves me and Erica.

HANNITY: But I am beginning to sense you're supporting Trump. Are you?

RIVERA: Well, you know, it's way too early for me -- you know, as a friend, I support him. I deplore his comments about immigration. I have spoken about that and about POWs. He knows that. We cleared the air today when we spoke for a half an hour. And there is tremendous love between the Riveras and the Trumps. There's no doubt about that..

HANNITY: What do you think? Charles, you -- This is not your first rodeo.
You've been around the block. You've watched a lot of presidential campaigns. Does he have the ability, as polls now suggest, to sustain this through the caucuses and the primaries and maybe get the nomination? Is that a reality? Is that becoming a reality or a possibility?

HURT: Well, Sean, you know what all the political experts around here are saying. They're saying that there's no way that he can go...

HANNITY: Yes, but they never thought he would get in the race. They never thought he'd be where he is now.

HURT: And exactly. And every single one of these experts has been so wrong about so many things that it is truly laughable.

I think he -- you know, organization is the single most important thing about running a presidential campaign. You can't say the guy doesn't understand how to sort of run an organization. He does it and he does it very effectively.

And he's made lots of mistakes throughout his career. But I think that, absolutely, if -- you know, who knows, when you've got a guy, kind of a gunslinger who says things exactly as he feels them at that moment, he's going to have turbulence...

HANNITY: All right, so...

HURT: ... to be sure.

HANNITY: You know what? But I think that...


RIVERA: I think he has a clear path -- if he can win or be competitive in Iowa with Scott Walker, win or be competitive with Jeb Bush in New Hampshire, win in South Carolina, and spending money as if this was something...

HANNITY: Spend what it takes.

RIVERA: ... he really cared about -- spend what it takes -- I think you're going to have Donald Trump to kick around for a long time.

HANNITY: Wow. Interesting prediction. By the way, I meant no offense earlier.

RIVERA: Oh, none taken.


Coming up, shocking new video showing more alleged wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood. We got to give you a viewer warning. This is beyond grotesque and graphic.

And also later tonight...


MIKE HUCKABEE, R-ARK., FMR. GOV., PRES. CANDIDATE: When people who are in a government position continue to say they're going to kill you, I think somebody ought to wake up and take that seriously!


HANNITY: Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee -- he's not backing down from his very stern warning in the Iranian nuclear deal and what it means possibly for Israel. He'll be in studio.

That and more as "Hannity" continues.



HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." The Center for Medical Progress just released a new damning video today showing a Planned Parenthood doctor negotiating the sale of aborted fetuses' organs. And this time, the negotiation actually took place inside a clinic in front of a recently aborted fetus.

Now, I have an issue -- I have to issue to you a serious warning. The video you're about to see is extremely shocking. It features very graphic images of an aborted fetus. This clip is not suitable for children. Here you go.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That eleven-six was pretty good. There was -- I mean, there was, like, three or four samples we could have taken out of the eleven-six. So that would be, you know -- if we were doing, like, you know, 50 to 75 per specimen, that would be, like, $200, $300 (INAUDIBLE) stuff like this, like, we don't want to be, like, just a flat fee of, like, $200 and then -- you know, it's, like...


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. And you know, I think the per item thing works a little better just because you can see how much you can get out of it.


HANNITY: Joining us with reaction, from the Center for Medical Progress -- David Daleiden is with us. David, thank you for being back with us. Now, you have hundreds of hours of...


HANNITY: You have hundreds of hours of these videotapes right?


HANNITY: And -- how do you respond to Planned Parenthood saying, A, you've selectively edited -- I have checked. I've not seen that. And two, they claim that you broke the law by one-party consent. Aren't you an investigative journalist?

DALEIDEN: Yes, I am, and you know, Planned Parenthood is getting increasingly desperate to distract from the issue of how they sell the body parts of the babies that they abort. So they're going to be making increasingly outlandish claims about myself, personal attacks against me and really outrageous fictitious statements about the Center for Medical Progress in order to avoid addressing that real issue.

HANNITY: In this...

DALEIDEN: From a...

HANNITY: Yes. Go ahead. I'm sorry.

DALEIDEN: Yes, I was just going to say, to respond to those two points, from the very beginning when we put out a summary video of an undercover meeting, the full footage of that -- of that meeting is always released in conjunction with it. V (ph) -- the video that came out today is a slightly different format. It's a documentary Web series episode. The full footage of the new undercover interactions that are now (ph) will be released in the coming days, the same as previously.

HANNITY: Now, Holly O'Donnell (ph) is a phlebotomist, somebody who works with blood, correct?


HANNITY: OK. Her first day on the job, she thought she was being hired to follow her profession. And she describes in graphic detail seeing the fetal body parts being removed. Now, here's a person that deals with blood every single day, shouldn't be shocked by things like that. She said she passed out, it was so gruesome and grotesque. And she described it in great details, when she realized what it was that she was actually working on. Explain the rest of the video.

DALEIDEN: Yes. So the proxy companies that work with Planned Parenthood in order to go into the clinics and harvest their body parts and purchase them and then resell them, companies like Stem Express -- they can't get people to do this kind of ghoulish, dirty work of hunting through dead baby parts. And so they advertise it, like they advertised it to the Holly, as just a phlebotomy technician, just a blood -- a job drawing blood.

They didn't tell her until the day she got to the Planned Parenthood clinic on her first day what she was really going to be doing. And then she describes in the video that they walked her into the clinic's pathology lab in the back, where they have the dead fetuses after the abortions, put her in front of the dissection table, handed her tweezers and started having her pick through the body parts on her first day.

HANNITY: It's beyond grotesque. And if people want to see the entire video unedited, you put it up on your Web site?

DALEIDEN: Exactly. Yes, the full -- well, Holly's interview is going to continue to come out in the coming in days and weeks in different serialized episodes. And then the new undercover clips that are integrated into that footage will be spotlighted as their own undercover summary videos, along with the full footage in the coming days.

HANNITY: OK. And how many videos can we anticipate? This is now the third in a series.

DALEIDEN: Exactly. You can -- you can anticipate a grand total of around 12.

HANNITY: Wow. All right, David, thank you for being with us. Appreciate it.

DALEIDEN: Thank you for having me on.

HANNITY: You're exposing a horror and grotesque (ph) one can't imagine.

Here now with reaction, the man who is behind the push to defund Planned Parenthood in the U.S. Senate, author of "Taking a Stand," 2016 GOP presidential hopeful Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

I see that the mayor of New York, comrade de Blasio, apparently took a shot at you. You want to respond to him?

SEN. RAND PAUL , R-K.Y., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It means I must be doing something right when the socialists and left-wingers and the mayor of New York's going after me.

But you know, I'm horrified by these videos, and everybody is. When I think of ultrasound, I think of the pictures of my kids before they were born and the happiness we had. To imagine that doctors are using ultrasound to manipulate the body around, turn the body around to take body parts from a baby, it just -- it sickens me.

And so I've been fighting to defund Planned Parenthood. I don't think they should get any taxpayer dollars. And we got good news today. We are going to get a vote on this. The Senate will vote on defunding Planned Parenthood before we leave in August.

HANNITY: And will it be a 51 majority, or do you need to get cloture?

PAUL: Because of the way the Senate rules are, you always have to get to 60. You almost never can do 50. And so we'll have to get to a 60-vote margin. We're going to try to get -- keep the Republicans together. And there's at least three or four Democrats that we think we have a chance of getting. That gets us close. We're up to about 58 then.

So we're going to work very hard. I think there are some pro-choice Democrats -- there are many pro-choice Americans who are horrified by this because they don't think of abortion as turning the baby around and harvesting baby parts and showing kidneys and livers and lungs and hearts that are then being resold.

The gruesomeness of this cannot be overstated. And I think we may well get some Democrats who are going to say, Enough is enough, we can't keep funding a group that does this.

HANNITY: There are at least three or four laws that I believe will have been violated. It is against the law to harvest tissue or body parts of aborted fetuses. And you hear in these videos, Oh, well, we'll crush the baby here so we can preserve the lungs and the heart and the liver.

So that to me, my interpretation is that is against the law. It is against the law to manipulate the abortion procedure for the purpose of harvesting body parts. And similarly, you cannot have medical professionals knowing that they're being harvested.

All of those laws -- my interpretation of those tapes is they broke them, yet the attorney general is looking into this group that got the undercover videos, but not Planned Parenthood! Do you think the Justice Department ought to be looking into this?

PAUL: Absolutely. But I think there's another question here, too. Do you think when these young women are signing consent for their procedure, they know that they're signing a consent that their baby's body parts will be sold?

I'm guessing that when you go in to have an abortion, they're saying that this consent is for the procedure. And I really wonder if the women know that the baby's kidneys and liver and heart are going to be sold off and...


HANNITY: Well, we had a representative -- we had a representative on that used to work for them and said that she felt that people were being manipulated and not told the whole truth about what was going to happen.

PAUL: I think the whole story is going to come forward. I'm happy we're going to have a vote in the Senate, and we're going to try to take away every last penny of taxpayer dollars.

People have to realize this has nothing to do with women's health. We have community health centers that provide all kinds of women's health. There's $5 billion being spent in community health centers. And everything that is done at Planned Parenthood is done in a community health center, except for abortion. There's no reason to have any federal money going to Planned Parenthood.

HANNITY: And of course, they're making money. As that one woman said on the tape, she wants to buy a Lamborghini.

Let me play for you a black Democrat, Ohio state representative, slamming Planned Parenthood, wondering where do black lives matter here? Watch this.


Bill Patmon: What business is it of yours, Mr. Patmon, that 56 million unborn -- it is my business, especially when 17 million of them are black women, 17 million more than any other population, 17 million that look and act and talk and would be similar to myself.

But even more than that, they're Americans and they're human beings! You hear a lot of demonstrations across the country now about black lives matter. Well, they skipped one place. They should be in front of Planned Parenthood!


HANNITY: Senator, a big part of your campaign has been outreach to the minority communities, historically black colleges, for example. What is your reaction to what he said there?

PAUL: Well, you know, as I go into the African-American communities, what I'm finding is many go to church. Many are religious, just like white people. And I think that they are horrified by all of this. And I think that the same way as the rest of us.

So I think that, really, you're going to find that as we begin to talk about some of these issues, these aren't Republican-Democrat. They're not white-black issues. These are just issues of humanity and knowing that, my goodness, are we really such a callous society?

HANNITY: Well, what about Planned Parenthood's -- what about Planned Parenthood's founder, Sanger, and her radical, radical views? What are your thoughts?

PAUL: Well, she was a eugenicist. She thought that you could use abortion to try to get rid of the people who were inferior. And I think this is why you're also finding that a lot of people who have kids with disabilities are horrified by this whole idea that we're going to get rid of those who are less than perfect.

Well, we're all less than perfect in some way or another. And I think, really, when people begin to realize that what we're talking about here is babies and baby parts, I think people are going to reevaluate the issue.

And I hope this is a wake-up call for America to say, You know what?
Life's important. I mean, the mystery of life -- we can't even understand everything about where life came from, but we certainly ought to respect it or give more respect to it.

HANNITY: All right, Senator, we support you in your effort. Good luck. I hope you can get that done. Thank you.

PAUL: Thanks, Sean.

HANNITY: And coming up tonight right here on "Hannity"...


MIKE HUCKABEE, R-ARK., FMR. GOV., PRES. CANDIDATE: The last time the world did not take seriously threats that someone was going to kill massive amounts of Jews, we ended up seeing six million Jews murdered. We didn't take it seriously.


HANNITY: 2016 GOP presidential candidate Governor Mike Huckabee -- he's not backing down from his warning about the Iran nuclear deal. He'll be in studio tonight coming up next.

And Bret Baier -- he previews the first GOP presidential primary debate that will air right here on FOX News.

Plus, the NFL -- Roger Goodell upholds Tom Brady's four-game suspension for allegedly deflating footballs. Jim Grey weighs in and more.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." Governor Mike Huckabee caused a stir when he challenged the president on the Iranian nuclear agreement and issued a warning about what it means for Israel. Now, despite the backlash, Governor Huckabee refuses to back down from his claims, and for good reasons.

Now, the Iranians frequently -- what do they do? They burn the U.S. flag, the Israeli flag right there in their capital. They are the number one state sponsor of terrorism worldwide. They have often called for the destruction of our greatest ally, Israel. They want to wipe them off the map.

But don't expect Iran to tone down their violent rhetoric since the nuclear agreement was reached. Iranians were chanting "Death to America, Death to Israel" as recently as two weeks ago. Just watch this.


HANNITY: Here with reaction, 2016 Republican presidential candidate, former governor of the great state of Arkansas, former radio host -- I don't know if that's...


HANNITY: ... that means anything. Governor, how are you? Good to see you.


HANNITY: Thanks so much for being with us.

HUCKABEE: It's a pleasure to be with you. Thank you.

HANNITY: I applaud what you are saying because this is what I believe. I believe that radical Islamic mullahs in Iran that chant "Death to America," have repeatedly said they want to wipe Israel off the map, number one state sponsor of terror...


HANNITY: If we marry them to nuclear weapons, we risk a modern-day Holocaust! That's a fact! Why is that controversial?

HUCKABEE: Well, it shouldn't be. And I'm using the words that the Iranian leaders themselves have aid. This is not some blogger sitting in his parents' basement in Pajamas in Tehran. This is the leader of a country who says things like, We have developed missiles, and we're going to deliver Israel to a Holocaust. Their words.

This is the same government that says, We will wipe them off the map. This same government says, We're so glad that Israel is in one place. We don't have to chase them all over the world. We can just find one place. And Israel has been called a "one bomb country," meaning that one bomb would incinerate the entire nation!

HANNITY: That is a scary scenario.

HUCKABEE: Yes, it is.

HANNITY: I wrote a book, "Deliver Us From Evil." In the last century, 100 million human beings slaughtered on the face of this earth, Nazism, fascism, imperial Japan, communism.

Let me play what Hillary Clinton said about you today and get your reaction.


HILLARY CLINTON, D-N.Y., FMR. SEC. OF STATE, PRES. CANDIDATE: I was very pleased today to see Israel's ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Dermer, take a strong stand against Mr. Huckabee's comments. This went over the line, and Ambassador Dermer made that very clear. And it was not appropriate. And I responded as I did yesterday. I will underline that again today.


HANNITY: I'd to interview Ambassador Dermer because he knows the danger of radical mullahs with nuclear weapons. He knows it well.

HUCKABEE: I know Ron Dermer very well. I've known him since he was chief of staff in Netanyahu's office. I've known him as the ambassador. Look, he's being a diplomat. He's got to -- he's got to do that.

But I'm telling you, Sean, overwhelmingly, the support from people who understand what I said and why I said it -- it's been incredibly positive.
I was with a group of Jewish friends last night in New York, several Holocaust survivors and families thereof, and they were grateful that someone told the truth.

Now, I've been to Auschwitz three times, Sean. One of the things that I swore to God when I was at Auschwitz, that I would not stand by and ever let it happen again that people would be just rounded up and murdered systemically because they were Jews.

HANNITY: All right, I want to play a tape for you. Hillary's husband swore that, Oh, North Korea wasn't going to get a bomb.


HANNITY: He paved the way for it! We heard the term "Peace with honor, peace in our time," Neville Chamberlain.

HUCKABEE: Neville Chamberlain.

HANNITY: Here's a tape I want you to respond to. Watch this.


NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN, BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: The settlement of the Czechoslovakian problem which has now been achieved is, in my view, only the prelude to a larger settlement in which all Europe may find peace.

OBAMA: This deal demonstrates that American diplomacy can bring about real and meaningful change, change that makes our country and the world safer and more secure.

CHAMBERLAIN: We are determined to continue our efforts to remove possible sources of difference and thus to continue to assure the peace of Europe.

OBAMA: Today's announcement marks one more chapter in this pursuit of a safer and more helpful -- more hopeful world.


HANNITY: Governor, I believe history will prove this deal with Iran is worse than Munich, 1938. I pray I'm wrong. Am I wrong?

HUCKABEE: You're not wrong. You're right, and in part because it took an incredible apparatus to build the structure to murder people one at a time or several hundred at a time, 10,000 a day in Auschwitz. With one nuclear device, several million people in a day murdered and killed. And I think we underestimate the radical nature of these animals who run Iran --

HANNITY: What is wrong with Obama? I get them. I don't get Obama.

HUCKABEE: We saw Chamberlain before, and it took a Churchill to help get us out. When that speech was made, after it Churchill said there was a choice between war and dishonor, and they chose dishonor. I think there's another choice other than war. I don't believe that that's the only choice we have. But anything is better than allowing these terrorists to have nuclear capacity.

HANNITY: We need blood, toils, tears and sweat. We'll fight in the hills
-- all right.

HUCKABEE: That's pretty good.

HANNITY: Not bad, right?

HUCKABEE: The Oscar goes to Sean Hannity. Good performance.

HANNITY: I wish it was about a less serious topic. Good to see you, governor.

HUCKABEE: Thanks a bunch.

HANNITY: Coming up, we're less than nine days away from the first 2016 GOP presidential primary debate. It's going to be here on the FOX News Channel. When we come back, a preview with one of the moderators, Bret Baier.

And then later tonight, Tom Brady will have to sit out the first four games of the NFL season. The league has now upheld his suspension. Jim Gray
will react and more, straight ahead.  


HANNITY: Welcome back to HANNITY. The clock is ticking for the 2016 Republican presidential candidates to get into a top 10 spot to be included in the first GOP primary debate right here on the FOX News Channel. That's all happening August the 6th, 9:00 p.m. Now, it's been an interesting race so far. And here's a little bit from the campaign trail. Take a look.


SEN. MARCO RUBIO, R-FLA., : I believe with all my heart that we are on the verge of another American century. I believe with all my heart that America's greatest days are right around the corner. And more than anything else, that's the reason that propelled me to run.

JEB BUSH, R-FLA., FORMER FLORIDA GOVERNOR: I'm a committed conservative, a reformer. I have a record. And I get to go share that record each and every day. And I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it with joy in my heart. I'm going to do it with love for this country.

RICK PERRY, R-TEXAS, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: There is nothing wrong in America that cannot be fixed with the right leadership. We need leadership that repairs the breach in America.

GOV. SCOTT WALKER, R-WISC.: If we can do all those things and more in a blue state like Wisconsin there is no doubt we can do it in America with the right leadership.

DONALD TRUMP, R-N.Y., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: If I get elected president, I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before, and we will make America great again.


HANNITY: Joining me now, the anchor of ‘Special Report’, one of the moderators of this highly anticipated first debate, our good friend Bret Baier is with us. You've got to be excited. This is a huge moment.

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS HOST: Yes, very excited. We're looking forward to that night. It's going to be, you know -- there won't be anything like it, Sean. Prior to this, this is all the candidates, the top 10 on stage. And we'll have a lot of questions we've been working on, but also through Facebook people can, you know, send us questions, send us videos of questions that may make it into the debate. We expect a big night.

HANNITY: I think it's going to be a huge night. Obviously Donald Trump is the X-factor in this debate. He has so much traction. This is not your first rodeo. You look at Donald Trump, what do you make of this phenomenon?

BAIER: Listen, you've talked about it, you've interviewed him. You know he's got this straight-talker persona. He has tapped into a lot of angst and anger about politicians overall, and about the GOP, frankly. And he has been riding this wave. Whether that is sustainable we don't know yet.
But so far, looking at the polls, I mean, this latest Monmouth poll out of New Hampshire is really stunning that he's up, you know, 24 percent to 12 percent Jeb Bush.

HANNITY: Yes. I've got this Monmouth University poll, New Hampshire. Is that the one you're referring to?


HANNITY: It's 24 percent, 12 for Bush, seven for Kasich. That's a big jump up for John Kasich. And Scott Walker, we have got the NBC-Marist poll, and this is the 2016 in Iowa poll, Walker 19, Trump 17. Iowa supposedly was supposed to be a lock for Scott Walker. And then the CNN poll you've got the 2016 presidential candidates. A national poll, Trump 18, Bush 15, Walker 10. So you have got a tight pack here.

Let me ask about the criteria. I know there has been some discussion. I personally -- and it's not because I work here, I think FOX did the best that they possibly could. You cannot put 16 people on the stage. So you -

BAIER: It would be unwieldy.

HANNITY: Yes, it really would. So you came up with 10. And even 10 I think you can argue is a lot. Explain the criteria for the top 10 to get into the debate.

BAIER: First of all, they have to be in the top 10 of five national polls from major national organizations. That determination of who is on the stage will be made 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, August 4th, and we will lay out who made the cut. If there is an exact tie, we have always said you could put another podium up there. But we expect it to be 10.

The others will be offered a forum with Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum moderating at 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern time also on stage. And we plan to use some of that back and forth and some of that question and answer session to be used later -- taped for later in the primetime broadcast and the post-analysis. So all of the candidates will be there in Cleveland we expect.

HANNITY: What do you think about those people that argue, and I'm not one of them -- I think this is a healthy thing for the Republican Party, intermural squabbles, a debate process. I think it will make the eventual nominee stronger than they are now being tested by their fellow Republicans. But what do you say to those people that think Republicans shouldn't be fighting with each other. This isn't good. It only helps the Democrats. What's your take on it?

BAIER: Well, listen, if you're going to face what could be a Hillary Clinton machine, you're going to have to be pretty tested, I think many would argue inside the Republican Party. So they're going to have several debates. I think it's nine this time around, not 23 like the last time.
And I think it's -- you know, listen, these candidates have seen a lot on these town halls. They've faced a lot of questions. We're going to give them tough ones. And hopefully it will be substantive and point towards policy and less about the bickering.

HANNITY: What do you make of the Democratic Party? I mean, from the beginning it was supposed to be a slam dunk for Hillary Clinton. These polls have her at 57 percent. Americans don't think she's honest and trustworthy. You've got the surprising rise of Bernie Sanders. How real do you think that threat is for her?

BAIER: Well, I think it's increasingly more real as you look at these polls. I don't think anybody at that beginning said oh, wow, Senator Sanders, he's the biggest threat to Hillary Clinton. I do think he's gaining momentum in part because those trust numbers that you talked about.
Just today asked a question about the Keystone pipeline, Hillary Clinton wouldn't answer it, saying it was President Obama's decision and she wasn't going to have an answer. Senator Sanders right away hit her, saying, much like he did on the trade issue, saying you have to have an answer for that.
And I think that she's vulnerable in some quarters in her own party.

HANNITY: All right, Bret Baier. By the way, his two children are my partners in crime with sparklers. Only they'll know what that means.


BAIER: That's right.

HANNITY: All right, Bret, good to see you. Thanks. And congratulations. We'll be watching the night of the debate.

Coming up, reigning Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady will still have to sit out the first four games of this coming NFL season. His appeal was denied. Jim
Gray joins us next with reaction.  


HANNITY: Welcome back to HANNITY. So earlier today NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld New England Patriots. quarterback Tom Brady's four game suspension for his role in deflate-gate when Brady used underinflated footballs during the AFC championship game last season. Brady's agent released a statement saying in part, quote, "The appeal process was a sham resulting in the commissioner rubberstamping his own decision. And the decision is wrong and has no basis and it diminishes the integrity of the game."

Joining us with the very latest, sportscaster, FOX News contributor, our friend Jim Gray is back. I was a little surprised. I think I was expecting a compromise verdict, a two game suspension, if you will. What's your reaction?

JIM GRAY, SPORTSCASTER: I'm surprised, too. There were settlement talks that were ongoing. And right during the settlement talks we had expected that there would be a different outcome. And then all of a sudden the commissioner and the National Football League announced this decision upholding this suspension.

Sean, this is by far and away the most ridiculous, the stupidest, the dumbest thing that the National Football League has ever, ever decided to undertake and been involved in. The whole thing is just -- it's a shame and a sham. It's so unfortunate and beyond wrong that it comes out with this outcome.

HANNITY: You know, what's interesting to me is I wonder to what extent with all the trouble and controversy that Roger Goodell and the NFL had last year if Brady is not somewhat of a victim of all of this. When these other issues, I think -- Adrian Peterson, et cetera, are more egregious.
Do you think he's a victim of maybe what happened last year?

GRAY: I think he's a victim of that. And because there was such a massive failure of judgment on domestic violence, now the commissioner has just gone way, way overboard. To equate this in four games to what Greg Hardy has gotten now after his appeal was changed by an independent arbitrator that was assigned to and appointed by the commissioner's office in Harold Henderson, to say that what Greg Hardy did is what Tom Brady is accused of but they cannot prove -- there is no shred of evidence in that report that Tom Brady ever asked for, every requested, ever demanded that these football be underinflated anything less than what is that standard of the guidelines of the bylaws of the National Football League. So they've left him with no choice now. The process has been so badly flawed that they're going to find themselves in federal court.

HANNITY: What about admission by Brady that he destroyed a cellphone, that he wouldn't hand over the text messages. He was under no obviously to do so, by the way, but do you think that creates an impression of guilt in peoples' minds?

GRAY: Yes. And I think they're creating a very good impression by doing that, to say that he destroyed his cellphone. Brady made it very clear from the onset he was not turning over his cell phone.

However, it's disingenuous for the National Football League to suggest that they don't have information. They had all of the received texts from the other people who were part of the investigation of everything that Tom had said either by email or by text to them of everybody that they investigated. In addition, Brady turned over all of the names and numbers and all of those phone records without the phone itself of everybody that had been involved.

And the commissioner even pointed out there were 10,000 text messages or communications that they would have liked to have seen. They had names and numbers and they could have done their investigation. I mean, they've taken $7 million in seven months on this. Really? And all they can come up with circumstantial evidence but not one shred of evidence that says he did something wrong? I believe you're right, Sean, he's a victim of the failures of the past.

HANNITY: I almost hate to say this being a Jets and Giants fan, especially the Jets being in the same conference as they are. I have a lot of respect for him. So Aaron Rodgers prefers an overinflated ball. Inasmuch as within the rules he likes it on the higher side. Brady likes it on the lower side. You're talking about miniscule amounts of pressure here. But really if we're going to look at who could be at fault, why did the NFL after the referee inspects the game balls, why did they give them back to the team anyways, because that's just asking for trouble, right?

GRAY: And the whole process is bad. They didn't even record what those balls were registered at. And now they had a whole investigation not knowing where they started. And to add insult to injury in terms of if you're Brady, now the league comes out just this week and announces new policy, new regulations, new guidelines going forward of how balls will be handled. That is exactly where Brady will take this into federal court.
There was no process. There was no basis. Now, there is. So how did you come up with four games and for that and $2 million worth of a fine?

GRAY: Now, you did ask Brady if it detracted from winning the Super Bowl.
Here is what he said.


GRAY: Has this, however, detracted from your joy of winning the Super Bowl?


GRAY: Why not?

BRADY: Because we earned and achieved everything we got this year as a team. And I'm very proud of that and our fans should be, too.


HANNITY: The game in question, wasn't it 45-7, it was a blowout game against Indiana -- Indianapolis?

GRAY: Indianapolis, correct. The one other thing to point out in all of this, since there was no precedent for this and since there hasn't been any process, do you know the last guy who didn't turn over his cellphone who was asked to turn it over in the National Football League? It was a guy by the name of Brett Favre. Brett Favre was sending around unmentionables on a cell phone to a cheerleader in New York and was asked to turn over his cell phone. He didn't do it. He was fined $50,000.

HANNITY: Big difference.

GRAY: Really?

HANNITY: Look, as a Jets fan, I know why everybody hates Brady. He is a great quarterback, one of the best we've ever seen. He wins Super Bowls.
And he married a hot model. Guys hate him. But in fairness to him, he adds a lot to the game. I think this is over the top. I'm with you. Jim, good to see you, sir.

GRAY: Sean, great to be with you. Thank you.

HANNITY: All right, coming up, we need your help. Tonight's very important "Question of the Day" straight ahead.


HANNITY: Welcome back to HANNITY. Time for tonight's "Question of the Day." Is the media giving enough attention to the horrific Planned Parenthood scandal? I don't think so. Not a lot of stations are showing what we're showing. Just go to Facebook.com/SeanHannity, @SeanHannity on Twitter, let us know what you think.

That is all the time we have left this evening. We hope you'll set your DVR so you never miss an episode because when you're not there, we miss you. Thanks for being with us. We'll see you back here tomorrow night.

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