Grapevine: ObamaCare co-op executives are raking it in

CEO's earn high salaries


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Healthy Paycheck

At a time when many on the left complain about high salaries for executives -- it seems CEO's of taxpayer-funded ObamaCare health insurance cooperatives -- are raking it in.

The Daily Caller found that 18 of the 23 co-ops paid their executives’ salaries of at least $263,000 -- according to 2013 tax filings.

If you think the high compensation correlates to top performance-- think again.

Massachusetts Minutemen Health paid its CEO almost $600,000 in 2013 -- but it had reportedly enrolled only 1,700 people at the end of last year.

For context -- Kentucky's plan enrolled nearly 67,000.

Minuteman Health says it used a third-party market salary survey when setting compensation -- and cited the failed state exchange as a reason for low enrollment.

A trade group for the co-ops tells fox -- executive pay is much less compared to other health insurance executives.

The Great Train Robbery

Talk about hard workers.

Some Amtrak employees claim to have put in 40-hours -- in a single day.

And they were paid accordingly.

The long work weeks were not the only questionable items flagged by the Amtrak inspector general.

Some employees were paid for weeks-worth of overtime hours -- without logging any regular hours.

The inspector general admits -- "Some of these trends and patterns may be justified because of the complexity of union agreement rules."

Amtrak employs people from 14 unions -- governed by 23 different bargaining agreements -- each bringing along specific rules and calculations.

A Manhattan Institute analyst points to the bigger picture -- quote -- "Even if all is legitimate under the union contract -- it gives a great window into why U.S. rail is so screwed up."

Bare Necessities

Finally -- if you are in the market for some unusual 2016 tchotchkes -- at least two candidates have you covered.

While many are sticking with the tried-and-true shirts -- buttons -- and signs -- Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul offer a bit more variety.

35 bucks gets you a "Grillary Clinton" spatula -- or for a little less -- an apron.

Over at team Rand -- you can spend $35 on a giant birthday card -- or for a few dollars more -- wine glasses -- for quote -- "the discriminating Rand Paul wine drinker."

Stay thirsty -- my friend.