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Off the Record

Greta: What kind of jerk displays 'Shoot a cop' bumper stickers?

By Greta Van Susteren

What kind of jerk puts "Shoot a Cop" bumper sticker on his car? Check out the bumper sticker. It was spotted on a BMW in Central Virginia. 

Really, only a fool so stupid and insensitive would put something like that on a car and especially now, as some others have practically declared Jihad on our police. Yes, the police. 

And in case this jerk doesn't know who the police are, here is a tip. The men and women in those blue outfits were the first to show up when a train derails, or a car accident, or a bombing, or a shooting or a rape. Do I need to go on? 

And yes, I know this car owner has a First Amendment right to display this bumper sticker. He does - and I'm one of the first to support the First Amendment. But whatever happened to good judgment, just plain old decency? Wouldn't you be ashamed to be such a low-life jerk? 

And yes, my calling this driver a low-life jerk, that's my First Amendment right. That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.