Grapevine: Hillary invites men to 'women-only' event

Clinton's campaign fundraiser opened to male population after poor turnout


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Select Crowd

Hillary Clinton had to call in reinforcements for a campaign fundraiser.

The New York Post reports -- the talk was scheduled as a women's only event -- costing almost $3,000 each.

Only about 50 tickets were sold by the deadline.

So the doors were thrown open to the male population -- and the deadline pushed back.

Twitter critics were quick to the punch lines.

"What difference does it make? Hillary allows men at 'women-only' event amid weak turnout."

A Washington Examiner writer noted --

"Imagine the outrage if a male candidate held a 'men only' event."

In the end -- about 90 people showed up -- to hear a half-hour speech by the former Secretary of State.

Taxes for Taxis

California taxpayers are paying for taxi rides for drunk state officials.

The Sacramento Bee reports that more than $2,500 a month -- goes for a 24-hour taxi service -- for senators who apparently just can't say no.

Members are given small plastic cards with the 24-hour transportation number available while the government is in session.

Critics say the rides are reflective of the legislature's sense of entitlement.

Quote -- "The answer is not in providing them drivers. The answer is in showing some restraint."

Four lawmakers in the past five years have been accused of drunken driving.

Crying Octo-fowl

Finally -- chickens do not have eight legs -- and KFC wants everyone to know it.

The fast food giant is suing three Chinese companies whose social media account spread false claims - including that the company's chickens were genetically modified to have six wings and eight legs.

The lawsuit is part of a government crackdown against Internet marketers -- hired to manipulate online sentiment on behalf of clients -- by posting false information about competitors.

KFC is asking for the companies to cease spreading lies -- apologize -- and pay a fine.