Grapevine: Pentagon building unwanted, unneeded and unused

Pentagon wasted $36 million on a command and control building in Afghanistan


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Waste Not, Want Not

The Pentagon went ahead with the construction of a $36 million command and control building in Afghanistan -- despite the fact that generals on the ground -- said it was not needed.

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction concludes -- the facility at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan -- was unwanted -- unneeded -- and unused.

The request to cancel the project --  was rejected by then-Major General Peter Vangjel -- because the money had already been appropriated by Congress.

Almost a year later -- as the surge was drawing down -- construction began.

It was never used or occupied by the U.S. -- before being handed over to the Afghans.

And some of those involved -- did their best to scuttle the investigation.

Recommendation number one from the inspector general --

'The Pentagon needs -- a clear statement that taxpayer funds should not be spent when they are no longer needed. Merely because an official does not want to undertake the burden of requesting the reprogramming or rescission of those funds.'

The DOD rejected any disciplinary action against the officers involved.

Dart-Free Zone

Zero-tolerance strikes again.

A five-day suspension -- for a foam dart -- belonging to a New Jersey fifth-grader.

The school categorized the NERF gun bullet as a self-constructed weapon -- because it had a toothpick in it.

The child's mother was not pleased.

Quote  -- It's completely ludicrous. I could understand if he had the toy gun in class and tried to shoot someone, but he didn't.

The school initially considered expelling the student -- but settled on the suspension.

Tiger by the Tail

Finally-- a big cat problem in Washington state.

Someone called 911-- after seeing this-- a tiger on top of an SUV.

Pretty scary-- if it were real.

Turns out, a group of guys found a large stuffed tiger and -- of course -- strapped it to the top of their vehicle.

The Columbian newspaper of Vancouver reports --- police showed up -- had a laugh -- took some photos -- and left.