Hume: Clintons have now made another mess

Eventually Hillary may have to explain...but they're good at this


Having the Clintons in your life is like having a couple of unruly children who, left without strict supervision, invariably make a mess. Now, they've made another one.

With Bill out of office and Hillary in, first as senator, then as secretary of state, the Clintons have managed to go from deep in debt to  fabulously rich -- to the tune of about $140 million. Mostly, this was the proceeds from speeches Bill gave which proved breathtakingly lucrative once she became secretary of state and he traveled the world appearing before various foreign entities with business before the State Department.

That, of course, does not count the tens of millions more collected by the Clinton Family Foundation. This an outfit so oddly structured that the respected philanthropy rating service Charity Navigator says it can't give it a rating because it can't figure out its business model. The foundation meanwhile is revising its tax filings, as you heard, because it misstated where some of the money came from. Oops.

The Clintons themselves are following their usual playbook at such times. Neither has said much of anything, while their apologists are out attacking the writer who revealed how their money machine works. Eventually, Hillary may have to explain, and what she says will undoubtedly be incomplete at best. But it may be enough to let the Clintons muddle through this, as they have so often before. They've had lots of practice and they're good at this.