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Cost Of Freedom

Administration racing to move Gitmo detainees


Gary B. Smith: I hate to boil it down to math, they say Gitmo is too expensive, $400 million, which is expensive but 9/11 cost us $2trillion. You could keep Gitmo open for 50 years and still not make up for one  9/11/. These are the deadliest criminals that we know of, there is no cost that is not worth it.

Chuck Rocha: What is say is there are 500 people that were down there and 100 of them returned to kills us, where was Rubio then?

John Layfield: This is a legacy issue for the president. And if you want to know how dangerous this is, when Iraqi prisons were shut down, those prisoners are now the leaders of ISIS. Let them rot in jail.

Jonas Max Ferris: Letting them rot is jail is a privilege for US citizens. If you are such a threat you need to be in line for execution. The people who are not a threat should be let go. We can’t hold them for 50 or 60 years. You have to kill people who are a threat or let them go and track them. Those are the two options.

Hadley Heath: We can’t release these detainees right now. You look at the world, you consider
the middle east and ISIS, now is the wrong time to be rushing to release detainees who have been there for some time.


Hadley Heath: This is class warfare rhetoric 101 and its based off a bad economic idea that it is a zero-sum game, it is not. Toppling the 1% has nothing to do with opportunities for low income people.

Chuck Rocha: If you have a small business like me and have 3 employees you are paying taxes of 48% but if you are a big corporation you are getting government subsidies getting sent back to you. People haven’t felt relief in the economy and Hillary is taking advantage of it.

John Layfield: I think chuck is right, she is taking advantage of this. I think she is pandering to the far left just as republicans with pander to the far right and then move closer to center in the general election. Remember the Clinton initiative and she have benefited greatly from these large corporations. She does not believe this.

Jonas Max Ferris: The rich are like your Golden goose, you want to take a few golden eggs but you don’t want to kill the golden goose, how does that make everyone richer? It’s a balance we do quite well in our country.  You can’t run the country without their money.


Chuck Rocha: We don’t have to modernize everything. The postal service doesn’t use any government funding and it a number one employer of returning troops. I think sure, modernize some things but lay off the postal service and these drones.  

John Layfield: It is a sign of progress , they have always been ahead and hire a blot of people. We ask them to run like a business but then don’t let them. This is technology, it is coming, wear a helmet.

Jonas Max Ferris: I can’t think of a company less equipped to handle a drone fleet that the post office. This will only mean you have more noise and junk mail. How is this a benefit to society?

Gary B. Smith: The ship has sailed, let them go for it, let them try to break even.

Hadley Heath: This is a good idea, such a good one that amazon is doing this, I think it is aspirational and creative but there are a lot of issues to figure out. Leave it to the private sector.


Gary B. Smith: Verizon 20% profit in 1 year
John Layfield: Comcast up 30% in 1 year
Jonas Max Ferris: Rent a center up 15% in a year.