Off the Record

Greta: Harry Reid ending his Senate career like a 'loser'

'Off the Record,' 4/15/15: The retiring Senate Minority leader's reference to GOP's 2016 field of candidates as 'losers' is just the latest in his pattern of dirty politics, and he needs to go now


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record" for a minute. He is doing it again. I'm talking about Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

What an angry man! He must be miserable. Listen to what he said about the 2016 GOP presidential contenders.


JOHN HARWOOD, CNBC CHIEF WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: Who is the Republican nominee likely to be?

SEN. HARRY REID, SENATE MINORITY LEADER: You know, I don't really care. I think they are all losers.


"Losers"? All of them? Is that what he calls them? He didn't say he has a different vision for the nation, different opinion, different strategy. That's what real leaders might say. Reid just calls them all losers. Anyone that might dare have a different opinion than he has is, in his words, a loser.

You know why Reid said that? He is not feeling good about himself. He is not proud of himself. He does the predictable. He flings the gratuitous insult. It's not his first. Remember how mean-spirited he was when he intentionally lied about Governor Romney, falsely saying he did not pay taxes? He didn't apologize. No personal integrity. Then recently he gave some obnoxious response defending his bad behavior then.

So, this is how Reid chooses to end his Senate career - not looking like a statesman, but looking small. To use his word, well, like a loser himself.

The next 14 months are going to be extremely painful as we watch Senator Reid continue to self-destruct. I hate watching anyone self-destruct. The Senate Democrats would be kind to him -- kind to all to us -- if Senator Schumer would now just take over as Minority leader. Let's do it now.

And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.