Grapevine: Chief Justice John Roberts called for jury duty

Ultimately, not selected for case


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Who You Gonna Call?

Civic duty called and the Court's most powerful man answered.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was juror number 49 yesterday morning in Rockville, Maryland.

The jury selection was for a civil trial involving a 2013 car crash.

When asked about possible conflicts of interest -- The Washington Post says Roberts told the court that his sister is a nurse and his brother-in-law is an Indiana State police officer but that would not prevent him from being impartial in the case.

He was never asked about his own work. Ultimately, Roberts was not selected.

Rules Are Rules

One person. One vote. That is the rule.

But a look at the security of Virginia's touchscreen voting machines presents a troubling picture.

As one computer scientist said -- quote -- "If an election was held...and it wasn't hacked, it was only because no one tried."

Some of the glaring security risks...Using the password A-B-C-D-E.

Using the same password for all database files.

And worst of all, the voting numbers are not encrypted and could be remotely modified.

In response to the report, Virginia's board of elections has de-certified the machines.

Just Peachy

Finally, two Georgia couples got a great refund on tax day -- a college savings account for each of their newborns.

As a promotion -- Georgia's the Path to College 5-29 plan awarded two babies among the first in the state to arrive on April 15th -- tax day -- with a state-run 5-29 savings plan.

One of the fathers says he was surprised and thrilled.

Quote -- "How often do you wake up and find your baby has a college savings before he's even 10 hours old?"

The fund starts with $1,529 and will remain tax-free as long as it is used for educational purposes.