White House 'mocking' Netanyahu with tweet of Iran bomb diagram?

Is administration alienating Israel?


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STUART VARNEY, GUEST HOST: Now take a look at this, the White House tweeting out this graphic plugging its Iran deal. Does that illustration remind you of something? Maybe this?

Critics say the White House is mocking Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

And Harley Lippman doesn't like it one bit.

Harley, we just characterized that as mockery. How would you characterize it?

HARLEY LIPPMAN, CEO, GENESIS10: Well, I would agree with you, but I think the real issue is that even if the Obama administration is right on everything, that means, in 10 years from now, they're allowing Iran to have a nuclear bomb.

Now, this is about our children and this is about the future. How can that be acceptable?

VARNEY: But does that graphic that we just put on the screen, that mockery of Benjamin Netanyahu, that doesn't bring two old friends, two allies closer together. In fact, it probably moves them apart.

LIPPMAN: It does. A lot of people say that if you're an enemy of the United States, Obama will reach out to you a lot more, but if you're a friend, you are going to be in trouble. And that's part of the problem that we have here.

VARNEY: How do American Jewish voters respond to this ongoing dispute with Benjamin Netanyahu?

LIPPMAN: Well, I think for conservative Democrats, I think it's going to be a problem for the Democratic Party in the future. They're very troubled by this.

The Obama administration and Obama himself has said that -- he just said this recently in an interview -- Iran will not have a nuclear bomb on my watch, which is very revealing. I think that's true. But what about the future?

VARNEY: There's only, what, 18 months left, on President Obama's...

LIPPMAN: Exactly.

VARNEY: ... watch, which is very limited period of time. How about Democrats in the Senate? Because they will be the key voters. If a sanctions bill makes it through Congress, goes to the president, who vetoes it, it then goes back to the Senate, and Democrats in the Senate will be very important, instrumental, in whether that veto is overridden.

Where do the Democrats in the Senate stand after a graphic like we just saw mocking Israel's Netanyahu?

LIPPMAN: Well, I think that's a great point and that is going to be a litmus test for Senate Democrats.

VARNEY: Make the judgment.

LIPPMAN: That's right.

VARNEY: What's going to happen here?

LIPPMAN: Well, I think that there has to be inspections any time, anywhere. If you don't have that, then there's no way to verify if they're cheating.

Even according to this deal, they can enrich 5 percent and they're about at three-and-a-half percent. People don't realize that 5 percent means they're 80 percent there.

VARNEY: You don't think much of this deal, do you, as it's currently presented?

LIPPMAN: I don't, because the way the administration is framing it, it's this deal or war, and that is misleading. It's this deal or a better deal, and I think they could get a better deal.

VARNEY: Harley Lippman, thank you very much for joining us, sir.

LIPPMAN: Thank you for having me.

VARNEY: I appreciate it. Thank you.

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