Common Sense

Cavuto: Voters aren't stupid...don't pretend you are

I don't know who's going to end up being the Republican presidential nominee, but I'm going out on a limb here that candidate won't like The New York Times.

Jeb Bush says he doesn't even read the paper.

Ditto Chris Christie, who says he gave up The Times for lent.

It's almost like a right wing of passage, to say you can't be bothered turning its pages.

And not just The Times pages, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Once famously boasted, "No New York Times, no Post." as in Washington Post.

Look, we're all free to read what we wish, but to brag about what you're not reading, at all?

That might make you popular with conservatives, but what are you saying to conservatives?

Best not to read things you don't like, and only things you do like?

Isn't that what conservatives have been saying about liberals? That they're intolerant of opposing views?

And suddenly you are not, refusing to read their views?

There are many things that drive me nuts on The New York Times editorial page, but they don't stop me from reading that page or so many other pages.

International reporting that is solid, a business section that is authoritative, and technology articles that are quite often cutting edge.

I read 'em all, the movie reviews I sometimes like. The climate change pieces I sometimes don't like.

Just like I read any and every newspaper, and magazine, and website, and newsletter, and any other news source I can get my chubby fingers on because fat chance I want to miss a word. Any word, from any one.

For me, it's like the whole energy debate. Oil, coal, gas, wind you name it, I say go for it. As long as we don't have to rely on anyone else, I'm all-in on all-energy.

Just like I'm all-in on reading fracking everything. The more I see all sides of the debate, the more prepared I am for the debate.

To brag about not reading something, almost sounds like you're bragging about not reading, period.

Or not thinking. Or not critically evaluating. Or weighing all points of view.

Who cares if they're not always your points of view?

Isn't the point of politics to persuade others to your point of view?

It's why I credit Democrats who appear on this network, even though the party establishment might insist they're wasting their time.

All I know is everyone who did won last November.

Everyone who didn't lost last November.

That doesn't mean might makes right.

Just that it doesn't make sense leaving the left out.

Or come to think of it anyone out.

All I also know is voters aren't stupid.

So don't pretend you are.