Common Sense

Cavuto: The White House is consistently, inconsistent

So much hypocrisy, so little time


Do as I say, not as I do.

Unless it's coming out of the White House, then good luck figuring out either.

Consistently, inconsistent.

Take voting. It's such a sacred right, it ought to be the law that everyone vote.

But not so sacred a right, you should have to show an ID when you do vote.

Or fracking it's just plain old risky, and must be restricted.

Even though it's why gas prices are so low and the president happily took the credit.

Just like he's happy to rip Republicans for a budget that supposedly hurts the middle class.

But not a word about the debt in his budget that all but chokes the middle class.

Or arguing on behalf of illegals who have no rights because they shouldn't be here.

But punishing the sheriffs who try to round 'em up as if they're the criminals here.

Or upending our entire healthcare system to make sure we cover all Americans.

And now admitting when all is said and done, there still be 30 million Americans without it.

Celebrating the money the newly insured are saving.

Saying not a word about the subsidies that make that possible for which the rest of us are paying.

The doctors they can now see.

Those eye-popping $5,000 deductibles they might not want to see.

Celebrating jobs that are coming back.

Yet saying nothing about wages that are not coming back.

Calling the other side stubborn for resisting still more spending.

Not yourself when we're saying we're essentially spent.

Taking a bow for markets that are soaring.

But never letting a day go by without some fat cat-bashing.

Saying it's your stimulus that saved the day.

Failing to point out it was the Federal Reserve's stimulus that saved your ass.

Creating an economic recovery that dwarfs all of Europe.

But pushing for the same paid sick leave and overtime pay laws that have crippled Europe.

Sending videos to countries that would sooner rip our throats.

While delaying congratulating this guy, because he'd prefer not to give them the chance.

So much hypocrisy. So little time.

It's a wonder the president can keep up with all of his inconsistencies any time.

Because you lose folks when you say one thing and do another.

You really lose them when you say and soon folks can't tell one from the other.

Or what's the truth and what's just a lie.