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Bill O'Reilly: Seeking the attention of the American voter

The real reason Benjamin Netanyahu won re-election in Israel is that the people over there are frightened -- Iran close to a nuclear weapon, terrorism rampant. So voters turned to the tough guy and the liberal candidate was defeated.

Here in America we are now at that level. There is not fear in the marketplace, however there is intense struggle for the hearts and minds of American voters, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are all well aware that liberal policies are under fire. And that is a concern going forward.


OBAMA: If you are watching Fox News, you get an entirely different reality than if you are watching MSNBC. So, everything is just like an opinion. But there are hard, cold facts about how things work and who is being responsible and who is not and the challenge is making sure that voters are aware of that.


O'REILLY: Well, facts are funny things. They can be distorted and opinions can be disguised as facts. Here is a perfect example.


OBAMA: For the first eight years of this century, before I came into office, we tried trickle down economics. We slashed taxes for folks at the top, stripped out regulations, didn't make investments in the things we know we need to grow, at the end of those eight years we had soaring deficits, record job losses, and an economy in crippling recession.


O'REILLY: So let's analyze the President's statement with facts. 2007 under President Bush, the median household income in America was $56,436. Today, after six years of President Obama, it's $54,332. Unemployment rate today 5.5 percent. Under President Bush after a few years in office the lowest level was 4.4 percent. Highest federal income tax rate under Bush 35 percent; now close to 40 percent under President Obama.

What about the recession? Well it didn't happen because of trickle down economics, it happened because the American banking system gave out housing loans to people who couldn't pay them back on a mass scale. Also, the federal agencies Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac piled up huge amounts of derelict loans. That scam in both the public and private sectors collapsed the economy.

So President Obama's facts about the recession are debatable to say the least, certainly not in stone truth. And, believe me you will not hear this analysis on the "Nightly News" broadcast or other cable news operations.

You will only hear it here on Fox News. Not because we dislike President Obama although some FNC commentators clearly do. It's because people like Charles Krauthammer, Brit Hume, Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino and others are fact-based analysts. And that is a clear threat to any politician or political party that's trying to deceive people or trying to promote policies that are failures.

So to blunt the impact of Fox News, we're attacked by the left and derided by the other media. You see, that consistently on MSNBC and CNN, which are both collapsing in the ratings. I mean last night I turned on CNN at 9:00 p.m. to see what they were reporting. I saw Anthony Bourdain deign eating soup in India or some place. The soup looked good.

So what we have here is failure to communicate to quote the iconic movie Cool Hand Luke. The liberal press is in decline. Fox News is surging. In February the prime time lineup on FNC number one in the cable world. Not just news, we kicked the zombie channel's butt. And for the first two weeks of March, same thing.

Again, that kind of dominance is a severe threat to the far left which needs to marginalize independent and critical voices in order to put Hillary Clinton into the White House. And that's “The Memo”.