Off the Record

Greta: Why GOP senators' letter to Iran was a lousy idea

'Off the Record,' 3/16/15: The 47 Republican senators could have been eequally effective in their message to Iran's leaders by either sending a letter to a newspaper or appearing on FBN or 'On the Record


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record.' Yes, I know, many of you say that I'm flat-out wrong for saying it's a lousy idea for 47 GOP senators to send that open letter directly to our enemy Iran. But hear me out. It isn't the content of the communication I object to. It's the means - senators going correct directly to our enemy, diminishing the Office of the President.

Think about it. The senators could have achieved exactly their goal of getting their message to Iranian leadership by a letter to a major US newspaper. Of course, you might think Iranian leaders, well, they may not read American papers. Fair enough. So here's the solution, proven effective: the Fox Business Network or even "On the Record."

Case in point, last week, General Bob Scales trash-talked Russian president, Vladimir Putin, on Fox Business Network. Russia saw it, and they are now steaming mad at him. So mad that Russia has now opened a criminal investigation of General Scales.

But Russia is not only watching FBN, it's us, too, here "On the Record." On Friday, we interviewed General Scales about Russia's investigation of him. And now, we made the Russian media - Pravda! The Russian newspaper published a column headlined,"General Scales rhetoric is worst than Hitler" and then mentioned his Friday appearance right here "On the Record."

So, there's proof that foreign leaders are watching. So, if US senators want to communicate directly to foreign leadership, skip the snail mail, try FBN or "On the Record." It's proven. It works. That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.