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Russia launches probe on Gen. Scales after Fox segment

Investigators open criminal investigation on Maj. Gen. Bob Scales after the retired general said the only way for the United States to impact the Ukraine crisis would be to 'start killing Russians'


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: More news out of Moscow. Russian investigators launching a criminal case against -- are you ready for this? -- Major General Bob Scales. Investigation reportedly sparked by what General Scales told Fox Business Network about the Ukraine conflict.


BOB SCALES, RETIRED U.S. ARMY/FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It's game, set, and match in the Ukraine. The only way the United States can have any effect in this region and turn the tide is to start killing Russians. Killing Russians by -- killing so many Russians that even Putin's media can't hide the fact that Russians are returning to the mother land in body bags.


VAN SUSTEREN: And General Scales joins us. And sir -- good evening, sir.

SCALES: Hi, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: If it weren't so serious I would say there goes spring break for the Scales family in Siberia.

SCALES: My cruise to the Baltics is off. And no vodka and no, you know, no borscht for me.

VAN SUSTEREN: This is a criminal investigation of you.

SCALES: It is. You know, it's the Russian version of the first amendment. Five years in prison if you say something that makes Vladimir Putin angry. But look, this is a bigger thing, Greta. This is a Russian form of war that's run by Vladimir Putin.

VAN SUSTEREN: Missing Vladimir Putin.

SCALES: Missing Vladimir Putin. I mean they control the people by troubling the media in their own media and they go on the offensive by intimidating media in foreign countries. And quite often, the United States and Western Europe, the media goes along with it.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know, it just occurred to me this whole thing with this 47 GOP senators sending a letter directly to Iran. I kept saying they should have put it in the newspaper. They have should have had you just repeat it on Fox Business Channel because it is true the world is watching. I mean if you have the Russians now having a criminal investigation for something you said on Fox Business. I mean all these countries who are not friendly to us, they are watching us.

SCALES: Isn't it funny they watch us? I got e-mails today from people in Russia I've never heard of before. I didn't know Fox News was watched in Russia. But I'll tell you this.

VAN SUSTEREN: Fox Business I should add. Neil Cavuto would want me to say Fox Business.

SCALES: Fox Business and Fox News -- but I'll tell you this. Fox is not Vladimir Putin's favorite network because as you saw me on that clip you ran, we're trying to tell the truth about what's going on in places like Ukraine and places like Iraq. This is serious business just like you and I were talking about at the break. The Russians are -- if we don't -- if we don't help the Ukrainians do something to take back those lost territories in the east, if we don't give the Ukrainians the weapons they need.

VAN SUSTEREN: Why aren't we?

SCALE: I don't know. It makes no sense. Look, Putin is not a strong leader right now. The Russian.

VAN SUSTEREN: He's missing.

SCALES: He is missing. The Russian military is in disarray. I mean they're having to combine four or five units to make a single unit to go into the Ukraine. I mean this is not a world super power.

VAN SUSTEREN: So why are we, why is Germany, why is England, why aren't we doing more?

SCALES: We talked about this earlier. I think it's like the `30s all over again. It's a war, weary western world that likes the status quo, and Putin is there to poke a stick in our eye.

VAN SUSTEREN: But we don't have the status quo because he changed the status quo. I mean the status quo is a -- he didn't have Ukraine.

SCALES: That's right.

VAN SUSTEREN: That was the status quo. He keeps changing the status quo.

SCALES: That's exactly right.

VAN SUSTEREN: And we accept it.

SCALES: Well, does anybody even talk about the Crimea being part of the Ukraine anymore? Of course not. It's the same thing with Eastern Ukraine. As I said in the piece, game, set, and match. Look, we all know that sanctions don't work, negotiations don't work. We can't push the red reset button. And the bottom line is only military action by the Ukrainians that we support will turn the tide.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you care that the Russians have started a criminal investigation for you for what you said on Fox Business?

SCALES: No. I'm not concerned at all. I just kind of wish I could take a vacation in Russia but I can guarantee you that's not going to happen.

VAN SUSTEREN: I wouldn't advise it, actually. Anyway, General, thank you, sir.

SCALES: Thanks, Greta.