Rep. Pittenger releases 'terrorism preparedness' manual

Dealing with growing threat of terror cells in U.S.


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Protecting yourself here from terrorists setting up shop here.

North Carolina Republican Congressman Robert Pittenger says you need to start preparing right here, right now. He has even got a plan.

Congressman, good to have you.

You're not dillydallying around. You're saying this threat is real, it's present, it's now. So, what do we do?

REP. ROBERT PITTENGER, R-N.C.: Neil, thank you.

I think it's just a thoughtful, prudent thing to do. We have had many people go to Syria, Americans and Europeans. They have been trained. They have been incited. They have been mobilized and they have passports, American passports, European passports. They can come book into our country. Any American with a valid passport is allowed and we're required to bring them back into the country.

So, I think it's incumbent upon us to make some sort of plans. I was a Boy Scout. And the motto of the Boy Scouts was be prepared. And I think every family and small business, that there are things they can do to take care of their families.

CAVUTO: Like what?

PITTENGER: Well, we're recommending in our proposal, our preparedness manual, it's called, and we're recommending that families have a safe place in their home, where they bring water together, they have a NOAA radio system, prescriptions that they may need or diapers for babies.

There's a whole list of things that we think people should consider having. We could be facing some type of attack. We don't know what that would be, whether it's a physical kinetic attack or biological, chemical, any type of attack, that the terrorists may want to have.

These are things that we can do to, frankly, save lives. And that's what we should be about.

CAVUTO: I know, certainly, your heart is in the right place, Congressman, but do you think you might be feeding alarm here?


CAVUTO: Go ahead.

PITTENGER: Our intent is not at all to feed alarm.

I think there's a lot of open source information out there that about sleeper cells. We have heard from Senator Dianne Feinstein. We have heard from the homeland security secretary, Mr. Johnson. We have heard from the FBI director, Mr. Comey, that there are sleeper cells inside our country.


CAVUTO: But, obviously, when you're talking about stocking up on water supplies and sort of diapers, if you're talking about something that would be so big, not just a sporadic mall attack or cafe attack, that kind of thing, that you're envisioning preparing for something 9/11-like. Right?

PITTENGER: Sir, do you -- do you -- did any of us anticipate 9/11?

CAVUTO: No, you're quite right, you're quite right.


PITTENGER: That planes would be flown into the New York City skyscrapers?

We don't know what they're thinking, but what we do know is, this is not a backyard game. These are very sophisticated, highly trained, technical, motivated people. And I think we should be careful. We should use good judgment, and we should do whatever we can and thoughtfully do to prepare our families and our small businesses.

CAVUTO: What do you do for your own family?

PITTENGER: Well, we have a safe room down in our basement.

CAVUTO: Right.

PITTENGER: We have a stock of water. We have canned foods. We have a first aid kit. There are other -- I have some modest amount of medicines I take.

So, all that is there and it's accessible for a couple of days. And we think that's the smart thing to do. So, I think this how-to manual, if people will go to it, at, they will see the kinds of things that they may want to stock up in their home to have.

CAVUTO: Do you ever worry that if everyone does it at the same time, it's going to lead to a rush, a raid on stores?

PITTENGER: I don't think there's going to be a rush on it.


PITTENGER: I do think -- I think the American people are aware.


PITTENGER: With all the media attention, and rightly so, that we watch these horrific things that these terrorists are doing around the worlds, and we have seen it in Europe more recently.

America was secure with oceans on either side. Now, we felt that security. That's a false sent of security today, where we have open borders, we have passports. There are people who -- their direct intent is on America. We are the great Satan for these folks and we are their ultimate goal.

In fact, ISIS even declared that they want to plant their flag at the White House. So, in some measure, I think it's just wise that we take some responsible actions to protect our families and make provisions.

CAVUTO: Congressman, thank you very much. Good seeing you.

PITTENGER: Thank you, Neil. Good to be with you.

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