Did the Obama administration fan the flames in Ferguson?

Reaction to the police shooting


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: So he's interviewed four people now. Two had no feelings about the police officers being shot, and then you had two really good community members that care about everybody in the community.

Here with analysis, Brown family attorney Daryl Parks. Darren Wilson's attorney, Neil Bruntrager, is with us. Guys, good to see you.

Daryl, you heard these -- some of these people. They don't care that two cops were shot. The thing that bothers me the most, Daryl, in all of this is that a narrative that was false, without evidence, and a rush to judgment by so many, quote, "prominent people," and that includes the president, that includes Eric Holder, that includes Al Sharpton -- that they created in this community a mindset that there was going to be a grand jury indictment. But with eyewitnesses and forensics, that was never going to happen.  And then the Department of Justice report confirmed and corroborated what the grand jury came up with. 

But the community was believing something that was false. Who's going to apologize to the business owners, the cops that were shot and the irresponsible rhetoric that has been surrounding this from the beginning? Because that community needs an apology from those that were reckless.

DARYL PARKS, BROWN FAMILY ATTORNEY: Sean, I think you actually got part of your answer in that last interview from the young lady.

HANNITY: She was great!

PARKS: I think her views -- she was great. She represents the majority.

HANNITY: Did you hear the first two people?

PARKS: Well, you know what? I think you ought to find more people like that young lady. She was decent. She was in order...

HANNITY: Daryl, two people...


PARKS: ... she represents the majority.

HANNITY: Two cops were shot last night, and if you ask people in Ferguson if Michael Brown had his hands up, most -- a lot of people are saying they believe that! They believe that because they were told that by politicians and by activists. That was false! They rushed to judgment!  Now two cops were shot, one in the face and one in the shoulder. That's irresponsible from so-called leaders! That's a problem!

PARKS: Well, let me say this to you, right? You know, we talked about this earlier today on your radio show, and I went back and did a little research, right? There are at least 16 people that said that his hands were up. So whoever can come to whatever conclusion they want to, there are 16 people out there who said it. Now, what conclusion someone may come to in a report is their opinion, and they're entitled to it.

HANNITY: Neil, you read the 87-page report. I just put up on the screen some of the highlights of it. Eric Holder's Department of Justice corroborated what the grand jury and the eyewitnesses said! But most people in that community were told a different narrative. That, I would argue, helped cause what happened there last night. Your reaction.

NEIL BRUNTRAGER, ATTORNEY FOR DARREN WILSON: The narrative was false.  I knew the narrative was false from the very beginning. The attorney general had a duty to correct that mistake. He had a duty to stand up and say none of these things were true.

I don't believe that the two -- that the two police officers were shot because the attorney general failed to do something, but I think that the attorney general has failed in his job. He owed it to the community to explain to them why he found what he found.

I've been listening to your show. I've been listening to these people talk. They keep saying the same thing that that 86-page report irrefutably says did not happen! The attorney general never says that! If you take his report and you look at that report, there's no question that it was a false narrative!

And I listened to the young man who was here before who was saying to you, Where's the evidence of that? The blood evidence on the ground shows you that he was charging at the police officer, but they're going to ignore that! And Daryl just now 16 people said he had his hands up. 

HANNITY: He got shot on the top of his head which corroborates he was charging at the officer. 

BRUNTRAGER: No question. No question. So why am I still hearing about these 16 people? If you read the report, if the attorney general -- 


BRUNTRAGER: -- there'd be no dispute about it. There's no dispute anyway, Sean. People want to hear what they want to hear. So the attorney general owed it to us to clear that up. 

HANNITY: The attorney general barely said a word about it even though it exonerated Darren Wilson. That's an outrage considering all the rhetoric that led up to all of this and followed this initial shooting.

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