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Bill O'Reilly: Hating Fox News -- there is a reason for it

Talking Points 3/9


New media poll from Quinnipiac shows that Americans trust Fox News more than any other TV news agency by a substantial margin. MSNBC came in last. Those holding political power know that. They know Fox News now dominating the electronic information flow and after more than 18 years on the air, our prime time programs set the political agenda.

A few months ago David Axelrod, the architect of President Obama's election victory approached The Factor through his book agent asking if we would do the first cable news interview on his book. Mr. Axelrod knowing his book would get notice if he came on this broadcast. I told him sure. We would have a lively respectful discussion, which we did on February 9th.

Then, to show his gratitude, Axelrod begins trashing Fox News, saying we are not a real news organization. That was a mistake. Being two-faced, not a legacy builder, Dave. Perhaps he just made a verbal mistake, if so, we are ready to accept Mr. Axelrod's apology.

The fact is that Fox News is now a deep threat to the progressive movement and the far left despises us. So they are in full attack mode, desperately trying to marginalize FNC.

Enter Hillary Clinton who wants to be president. Her election team knew the "New York Times" was sniffing around the e-mail story. Ever since last August there were whispers in Washington that the former secretary of state had endangered national security by using a private e-mail system based in her New York home. Reports say some in the White House were also aware of the situation.

On February 13th, this man John Podesta, long time political mercenary left his job advising President Obama to begin working for Hillary Clinton. He brought with him a history of associations including one with the Media Matters organization, the chief attack vehicle for the left.

Media Matters run by a man named David Brock and heavily funded by George Soros. Brock used to smear folks on the left but then he converted to viciously attack folks on the right -- quite a guy -- who has admitted lying about people in the past.

When the e-mail story broke on Hillary Clinton it was Brock who immediately went on MSNBC to proclaim her innocence. Few heard him. The Clinton campaign and John Podesta will understand there are just two national news agencies that challenged the progressive agenda with authority: the "Wall Street Journal editor page and the Fox News channel. In fact "Journal" columnist Peggy Noonan penned a very tough analysis of Hillary Clinton on Saturday. Miss Noonan now needs to watch her back.

There is no question that powerful people in Washington are watching Web sites to smear political opponents. We have methodically documented that here. Hit pieces fly around in cyber space and then find their way to the mainstream media which gleefully promote the defamation for blatantly ideological reasons.

And then there's the business side. MSNBC and CNN are getting hammered economically by Fox News so those agencies are hungry to participate in the attack process. The failure of those operations to compete effectively against us has cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. Some who work for those channels are desperate, their own jobs now in jeopardy.

So hating Fox News is about competition, power, and money at the highest levels. If FNC did not exist, America would be a far different place and the far left ideology would have a far easier time. But we do exist and now dominate the prime time news cycle. Not good news for progressive politicians, the liberal media, and crazed zealots on both sides. Therefore, meetings are held, strategies devised, political assassins hired. Is there any doubt for whom they are gunning?

And that's The “Memo”.