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Cavuto: Selma was about legal Americans denied their rights

Reaction to Obama's comparison to immigration debate


50 years after Selma, is the president actually selling Selma?


President Barack Obama: The notion that some kid that was brought here when he was two or three years old might somehow be deported at the age of 20 or 25 even though they've grown up as American, that's not who we are, That's not true to the spirit of what the march on Selma was about."


Not what the march on Selma was about?

Mister President, I know we weren't much more than toddlers ourselves back then, but I'm sure we've both looked at the history since.

Selma was about legal Americans denied their rights.

Not illegal Americans thinking they were entitled to those rights.

Don't conflate the two.

Don't use the blood of victims half a century ago, to score some cheap political points now.

You not only sully their message. You sully their sacrifice.

This isn't about mixing up causes. This is mixed up, period.

It's like Nancy Pelosi walking arm-in-arm outside the Capitol, to sell votes for healthcare "inside" the Capitol.

Even quoting Martin Luther King.

That Martin would have wanted it.

Maybe just me, but it seems a pretty big leap going from "the content of one's character"

To "the content of one's healthcare insurance policy."

Now that's sick.

And that's wrong.

To compare the descendants of illegals who snuck in here

With the descendants of those who were killed here, and beaten here, and bully-clubbed here, and humiliated here, and attacked by dogs here, and fire-hosed here, and jeered at and spit at here, and denied entrance to schools here all while legal citizens here.

Mister President, I say that kind of stuff stops here.

Fix what needs fixing without getting yourself in a bigger fix.

And attaching causes to all their causes some of who are long dead. We'll never know what they would have wanted.

All we know is what they did. Leave it at that. And leave them alone.

It's like blaming another president for everything that's gone wrong on your watch.

Piggy-backing on a genuine hero to fix all the messes you've failed to address on your watch.

Not civil.

Not right.

Mr. President, not ever.