Ann Coulter questions Obama's nuclear talks with Iran

Columnist sounds off on America's policy toward Israel


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome back to "Hannity." In an interview with NBC News, the Iranian foreign minister was asked to respond to the following hateful tweet from Iran's supreme leader. It reads, quote, "This barbaric, wolf-like infanticidal regime of Israel which spares no crime, has no cure but to be annihilated."

His reply -- pretty unbelievable. Watch this.


MOHAMMAD JAVAD ZARIF, IRANIAN FOREIGN MINISTER: This is a regime. We're talking about Mr. Netanyahu, who has butchered innocent children in Gaza. We're not talking about annihilation of Jews. We never have. We never will.


HANNITY: Well, let's see. Netanyahu butchers children. Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map. They've called for the annihilation of the Jewish people many times. Who could ever trust a nation like this?  Well, guess what? He answered that for all of us, too.


ZARIF: But we're not asking anybody to trust us. And we are not going to trust anybody, for the time being. We take one step at a time. We're not asking for trust. We're asking for verification.


HANNITY: All right, joining me now, author and columnist Ann Coulter.  Ann, I want you to respond to that, but let me -- let me just give a history because we have some time in this segment. And let's start with the supreme leader saying that Israel is a cancerous tumor that must be uprooted, or him saying that Israel is a rabid dog, or him saying that Israel -- the Israelis are not humans or Ahmadinejad saying and calling for a world without the United States and without Israel. And then, of course, Ahmadinejad calling for an end of the U.S. and Israel.

Why is the United States of America -- why are we not only negotiating with these people but potentially giving them the enriched uranium -- they already have the delivery system -- that they would use to achieve their dream of destroying and wiping Israel off the map? Why would the United States ever do that?

ANN COULTER, AUTHOR, COLUMNIST: You know, the supreme leader really does have a way with words, doesn't he. But he did follow some of those tweets with a smiley-face emoticon, and that really won over the Obama administration.

It's -- it's the Obama administration. And Israel better prepare for a future on its own because we're going to have Obama presidents from now to the end of time, with the Democrats adding 10, 20 million more voters right now.

I mean, did you see the Democrats' reaction to Netanyahu's speech?  These people are always calling for dialogue, dialogue on race, dialogue on income inequality, dialogue on, you know, college rape, but they won't participate in a dialogue by just showing up and listening to the prime minister of Israel and then turn around and hysterically -- hysterically! -- denounce it.

HANNITY: You know...

COULTER: A political ploy, Luis Gutierrez called it.

HANNITY: I'm going to get to immigration in a second...

COULTER: Oh, get used to that, America. And get used to that, Israel, because that's going to be the ruling party in America from now until the end of time.

HANNITY: I'm going to get back to that in a second, but I want to go to this. Last week -- just last week -- the Iranians, Straits of Hormuz -- what are they -- what are they firing at? Markups (sic) of American ships.  Lest I need to remind people of the 1979 hostage crisis, 444 days -- this is really where it all began -- or the multiple times -- and we have so much video of the Iranians burning American and Israeli flags!

And right now our government under Obama and Kerry apparently are being shouted at by the Iranians, are willing to give them in the off years nuclear weapons. And they've cut off intelligence sharing with the Israelis, the only democracy in the region. You have to analyze this for me. What in god's name can they possibly be thinking that they could have some type of civil negotiations with people like? 

COULTER: The Democrats are always like this. Refer to my book "Treason." It was Clinton who allowed the North Koreans to get nuclear weapons. And, yes, the Iranians assure us, no, this is just for peaceful purposes. If only Iran had something that could be used for fuel, something that was plentiful in that country. 

But look, you keep hoisting these topics on me. I'm an American. I care about America. And I think Israel ought to care about America. 

HANNITY: Tell us about immigration. 

COULTER: They are our ally, we are their ally. We aren't going to be anymore when the Republican Party has no power in this country anymore.  And I think everyone needs to care about that. 

HANNITY: But the Republicans caved on the DHS spending bill. 

COULTER: Yes, and I think this is the only news program that mentioned it. For a month the Democrats have been filibustering to defend Obama's amnesty, and every time I turn on TV it's ISIS, ISIS, ISIS. Well, ISIS is going to have the rule of the roost because if this amnesty isn't stopped Democrats just get 10 million more voters. 

You know, the presidential elections are decided by sometimes 1, 2, 5 million voters. The country is divided since the Democrats have been adding voters for the last 30 years. So everything that is being talked about has this overlay of a much bigger issue that will decide these issues once and for, all of these issues, including America's policy toward Israel. 

And that doesn't get reported on. I don't understand that. This is done in the dead of night. I guess the last time Americans stopped John Boehner from agreeing to Marco Rubio's amnesty Americans rebelled. This time the media decided don't let the American people know. Don't tell them what's going on. 

HANNITY: Ann, I totally agree with you. It is pivotal. And they showed no backbone. They were timid and weak and that's pathetic. 

COULTER: Well, I blame the media more than I blame the Republicans.  

HANNITY: No, I blame the people that gave in.

COULTER: Americans don't even know about it. 

HANNITY: That's why they were elected. That's why these guys were elected. They all promised they would fight this. 

COULTER: OK. But I don't think most Americans even know that's what happened this week, that the full DH funding went through, that it did not need to go through, that government would not be shut down. You could not turn on any network and find out the truth. 

HANNITY: All right, Ann Coulter, thank you, appreciate it. 

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