Giuliani fears US-Iran negotiations could result in a nuclear war

Former NYC mayor on the dangers of negotiating with Iran


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to" Hannity." Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a dire warning about the dangers of negotiating with Iran.  But President Obama still refuses to listen. Now, this should not come as a surprise because for years, President Obama has been covering for this rogue regime in Tehran while Israel -- well, the Israelis are sounding the alarm. Here's what we mean.


ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: We cannot and will not allow a regime that calls for the destruction of Israel to obtain the means to achieve this goal. We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapons capability.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: We should be able to achieve a resolution that respects the rights of the Iranian people while giving the world confidence that the Iranian program is peaceful.

NETANYAHU: Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.

OBAMA: Iran, Cuba, Venezuela -- these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union. They don't pose a serious threat to us.

NETANYAHU: Iran will try to remove sanctions by offering cosmetic concessions while preserving its ability to rapidly build a nuclear weapon.

OBAMA: Our goal here is to be able to verify that Iran does not have a nuclear weapon.


HANNITY: Here with reaction now -- former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is with us. Mr. Mayor, good to see you. 

First, the comparison.  What's your reaction to that? I use the analogy Churchill, Chamberlain, but I actually think Obama's worse than Chamberlain.

GIULIANI: Almost seems like he does not -- doesn't have any ability to appreciate how dangerous Iran is. You wonder where he was during the hostage crisis.

HANNITY: In '79?


HANNITY: By the way, I've got video of that hostage crisis.  Iranian...

GIULIANI: I lived through that. You lived through that. I mean, they tortured us during that crisis. You wonder where he was when they blew up our Marine barracks. You wonder where he was when they blew up our installations in Africa.

You wonder where he was during the war in Iraq when their Quds Force and their people killed could be thousands and thousands of Americans.  There are thousands and thousands of American families who don't have their sons today because of that ayatollah that Obama is negotiating with.

And here's a fact, Sean, that is not covered enough. They are killing more people in Iran today than they were under Ahmadinejad. And we are negotiating with them. Our secretary of state is sitting there while they are executing hundreds and thousands of people.

And they're doing it on purpose. They're doing it for two reasons.  They're doing it, number one, because they're trying to present this Rouhani as a reformer, but they don't want the people inside Iran to believe it. They don't want them to get any kind of confusion there's any reform here. So they are publicly doing a certain number of executions to send that message.

And they're doing a second thing. They're killing the spies. Last time, they got caught three times. I happen to know to some extent how they got caught because I happen to know the organization that caught them.

HANNITY: I want to talk to you about that. He -- they're killing...


HANNITY: ... the supreme leader tweeted out Monday about destroying Israel! Now, last week, while we're negotiating, they have markups (sic), and they're blowing up American -- markups (sic) of American ships.

Here's -- we're going to take everybody -- a trip around the world in our next segment. There's the video of that. And we're going to show the continents, the areas exactly where Iran is either fighting a proxy war, involved in terror because they're a state sponsor of terror, and all the havoc that they're creating now.

Here's what I don't understand. I don't understand why this rogue regime, sponsor of terror -- why we would even sit down at the table with them at this moment when they repeatedly say they'll wipe our allies off the map.

GIULIANI: Because we have -- and this is Chamberlain, you know, peace at any cost, peace at any price. He wants an agreement. Kerry wants something to show for this.

Another thing I found completely offensive -- not on Fox but watching some of your competitor networks after the speech, they kept putting this banner up saying that Bibi offered no alternative.

HANNITY: Not true!

GIULIANI: What, did they miss the last 15 minutes of the speech?  Here's the alternative. It's simple. No nuclear capacity, none. Get rid of the centrifuges. Stop exporting terrorism. Stop killing your people.  Start acting like a humane country. And we will negotiate with you. I mean, that used to usually be the basis on which we negotiated.

HANNITY: They have...

GIULIANI: That's an alternative. You may not like the alternative, but when you say he had no viable alternative, you are lying. By the way, that was the viable alternative in South Africa that worked.

HANNITY: They have hid their nuclear program. They have lied. They have deceived...

GIULIANI: And they're doing it again!

HANNITY: ... they have covered up for 30 years. And the fascinating thing, in the midst of these negotiations, Kerry actually admitted that they -- Oh, we know about another site...


HANNITY: ... that had not been disclosed.

GIULIANI: Rouhani has written in his book that he is very proud of the fact that he fooled us for five years, finally got caught by NEK (ph) - - that he fooled us for five years while he was negotiating with us, claiming they weren't enhancing uranium. He brags about it. So this is like playing cards with a guy who has cheated you three times before.

HANNITY: And -- but radical Islamists, they actually brag about lying in the name of their cause. It is a strategy that is often used. You would think the president would understand that.

I guess what is so unfathomable to me -- and this is the serious nature of this -- is one plus one equals two, Mr. Mayor. Radical Islamists that -- here's -- here's pictures of them burning the Israeli and the American flag. Radical Islamists that threaten to destroy America, wipe Israel off the map, married to weapons of mass destruction -- one plus one -- equals the potential for a modern-day Holocaust. We lost 100 million souls in the last century. It can happen again!

GIULIANI: Well, not only can it happen again, he's promising us it will. The ayatollah is telling us he wants to wipe out Israel, and some of his people are saying they want to wipe out the Jewish people.

HANNITY: They're saying -- he's saying it!

GIULIANI: And as Prime Minister Netanyahu indicated, the last time they wiped out six million Jews, they wiped out 60 million more people.  And I think what we're headed toward is a north-south war in the Middle East. And I just came back from the Middle East.

HANNITY: You were in Dubai.

GIULIANI: Four days in Dubai, three days in Israel. I think you're going to have an alliance of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates -- you're going to have Egypt...

HANNITY: Jordan...


GIULIANI: ... and Israel...

HANNITY: Right? Jordan?

GIULIANI: ... Jordan and Israel as an alliance. The two big armies there are Egypt and Israel.


GIULIANI: They need -- at this point, Jordan and Egypt need Israel.

HANNITY: They're more supportive to Israel than we are right now!

GIULIANI: And they need the Israeli army.


GIULIANI: And the Saudis need the Egyptian army. On the other side, you're going to have Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen below (ph), unfortunately...


HANNITY: Yemen was the great success of Obama.

GIULIANI: Yes. And then who knows -- and then who knows what else.  Who knows what's going to happen in Libya. So you will have -- once -- once the decision gets made between Iran and ISIS -- and Iran is going to win that. We're going to let Iran win that. We should defeat ISIS, not Iran.

HANNITY: Here's...

GIULIANI: You will have Shiite north, Sunni south, Persian north, Arab south. These hatreds go back even further than some of the others we're talking about.

HANNITY: You're describing something so profound. And to me, again, I can't believe we're talking about it, that you really almost can see the pieces of alliances that could result in a world war.

GIULIANI: Could result in a nuclear war!

HANNITY: It could result in a nuclear war. Here's my question. The president -- I went through the history on this program the other night -- has open contempt for the prime minister of Israel, our closest ally, the only democracy in the region. He has his political operatives on the ground trying to help defeat the prime minister. He has elections on March 17th.

You have Kerry and Biden meeting with Bibi's opponent. What is it about this president that doesn't recognize radical Islam, but yet -- and then tries to undermine our number one ally? And won't even -- they won't even share with them what's going on in these negotiations?

GIULIANI: I mean, I can only -- I can only attribute it to a warped view and a lack of knowledge of foreign policy...

HANNITY: Ignorance?

GIULIANI: Well, I don't -- I don't find in him...

HANNITY: Ideology?

GIULIANI: ... a great knowledge of -- ideology, serious lack of understanding of history, no serious understanding of the Second World War, the First World War, the Cold War, no respect for his generals, seems to have no respect for anyone around him except maybe a few people.

I mean, the reality is, he is leading us down a road that is going to have a severe nuclear proliferation in the Middle East...

HANNITY: You know...

GIULIANI: ... with 2,000-year-old enemies facing off against each other.

HANNITY: I sense in you -- I had a discussion with former speaker Newt Gingrich the other day -- there's a certain sobriety that you have right now, that I -- a certain urgency that you have, that he has, that I have about the severity of this.

GIULIANI: I see this!

HANNITY: I see it, too.

GIULIANI: I see it. I mean...

HANNITY: But Obama doesn't.

GIULIANI: I'm probably being less passionate about it than I...

HANNITY: Really feel.

GIULIANI: ... than I really feel.

HANNITY: I saw your speech. That was pretty passionate.

GIULIANI: I am very -- I'm very -- and Sean...


GIULIANI: ... I can't judge a man's mind, I can't judge his heart, his soul. I can only judge his actions, and I am very, very worried for my country and I'm very worried for the world. I do not want to see the nuclear button put in the hands of a maniac.

I worked for Ronald Reagan. That was his nightmare. Ronald Reagan's nightmare was mutually assured destruction was insane because if a madman got that button, the world was gone. Is the ayatollah a madman? Is he a madman?

HANNITY: Of course. Of course.

GIULIANI: And we are handing him -- this is as if we are handing him the button...

HANNITY: It's like handing it to Hitler.

GIULIANI: ... and he has told us, I'm going to destroy your best friend, Israel, and Obama elects not to believe him.

HANNITY: Nuts. You know, I said this the other day...


HANNITY: Obama doesn't speak for me. I stand with Bibi and Israel on this by far.

GIULIANI: And I think...

HANNITY: Good to see you.

GIULIANI: I think most Americans do.

HANNITY: I think they do, too. I hope this changes the trajectory of these horrible negotiations going on.

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