Jindal, Issa defend Giuliani's Obama criticism

Louis Farrakhan calls Giuliani a 'privileged devil'


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SEAN HANNITY: Following former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's critical comments about President Obama, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, he stood up for the president by, well, hurling racial insults at America's mayor. Watch this.


MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN, NATION OF ISLAM: How did you grow up, Giuliani? A privileged cracker.

Or I should say a privileged devil. 


You grew up on the sweat and the blood of black men and women who made America before your fathers got here.

All of you Europeans, you recent immigrants. 


HANNITY: Privileged cracker devil. 

Here now to explain is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Congressman Darrell Issa. Good to see you both.  

Governor, let me begin with you. I wonder if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama are going to be asked to explain the way potential 2016 candidates have been asked about Rudy's comments, they are going to have to now explain away privileged cracker devil comments of Farrakhan?

GOV. BOBBY JINDAL, R-LA.: Sean, that's a great question. First of all, how obscene were those comments. We're all Americans. We need to stop all this racial divisiveness and foolishness.

But you make a great point. The media loves to try to get Republicans to throw each other under the bus. They never ask the Democrats these kinds of questions. 

And you go back to what the mayor said. Now, even he said he could have used different words, but the gist of what he was saying, I believe we've got a president who has disqualified himself to be commander in chief. He refuses to name the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. His State Department acts like all we need is another jobs program. We just need to give them more foreign aid. 

This is a war against evil. We need the president to say we're going to hunt them down and kill them. He needs to name the threat as radical Islamic terrorism. For some reason he can't use those words. 

HANNITY: Congressman, let's take a look at what -- and I interviewed the mayor right here on this program late last week. And he was very clear, and he was talking about his radical background associations. But it's also the things that Obama has said. And the mayor was saying he never extols America's goodness and greatness and generosity and sacrifice for the cause of liberty worldwide, and he talked about Obama constantly apologizing and being critical of America. Here's what he meant. 


THEN-SENATOR BARACK OBAMA, OCT. 20, 2008: We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. 


PRESIDENT OBAMA, APRIL 7, 2009: America like every other nation has made mistakes and has its flaws. 

APRIL 3, 2009: In America there's a failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world. 

There have been times where America's shown arrogance. 

JUNE 4, 2009: The struggle for women's equality continues in many aspects of American life. 

JUNE 22, 2009: There is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. That's just a fact. 

SEPT. 24, 2014: I realize that America's critics will be quick to point out that at times we too have failed to live up to our ideals, that America has plenty of problems within its own borders. This is true. 

So, yes, we have our own racial and ethnic tensions. 

MAY 28, 2014: Our most costly mistakes came not from our restraint but from our willingness to rush into military adventures. 

AUG. 1, 2004: In the immediate aftermath of 9/11 we did some things that were wrong.  We tortured some folks. We did some things that were contrary to our values. 


HANNITY: And Congressman, and then his wife, not once but twice said this. 


MICHELLE OBAMA, FEB. 8, 2008: For the first time in my adult lifetime I'm really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. 


HANNITY: Not proud of World War II and America beating back fascism and Nazism and imperial Japan? Not proud of America getting and walking on the moon? How do you analyze that? 

REP. DARRELL ISSA, R-CALIF.: You know, many of us are proud of who we are as a nation, what we've done, what we stand for. We recognize that there are things we can do better. But there's a huge difference between being proud of our country and being only proud if our country changes. I'm proud of our country and I want to work for change in a positive direction. 

Rudy Giuliani used some words that he regrets, and he really has, but he does have these constant messages coming from the president that he doesn't seem to be proud of the country we now live in, only the one we could become if we became more like Europe. 

If we were like France, we would all be speaking German. The fact is America has stood up to tyranny time and time again. This president's challenge is to stand up to the tyranny of Islamic terrorists. And if we don't, then in fact we'll go the way of so many nations who have failed to meet that last challenge. And that last challenge right now comes from people who have distorted a religion for their own purposes. But it is a religion that they're extolling and countries they want to form based on that perverse version of Islam. And if you don't call it Islamic terrorism, what do you call it? 

HANNITY: Governor, how do you explain the constant apologies and attacks against America by the president? How do you explain an American who grew up here and say in your 40s, for the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country? How do you say those things? How do you associate with the people he's associated with? 

JINDAL: Sean, it is inconceivable to me. I think we have the first president who truly does not believe in American exceptionalism. 

HANNITY: He said so.

JINDAL: We've had incompetent president. No, that's right. He had said that himself. Jimmy Carter was incompetent, but at least he believed in America. And it is scary to me you've got a president -- but it's not just about America. Remember, this was a president who went to the national prayer breakfast and tried to bring up the crusades and tried to say who are we as Christians to be talking about others? 

It is amazing to me, he's the commander in chief, I would love for him to say what my parents believe, which is this is the greatest country in the history of the world. My parents came over 40 years ago halfway across the world. They had never been on a plane before, and they knew in their bones this was an amazing place with freedom and opportunity. I'd love for you to be able to play -- they don't exist, but I'd love there to be so many clips of this president telling the world what a great country America is. Reagan described us as that shining city on a hill. 

And you're right. He's always apologizing. He's always criticizing.  He's bringing up the crusades. And what you don't seem to hear is here's the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. They are evil. You don't hear him calling out to Muslim leaders saying specifically condemn by name these individuals. Say they're not martyrs. They're not going to enjoy their reward the afterlife. They're going straight to hell. I'd like to hear him say that. He's our commander in chief. He's the leader of the American people. He's really supposed to be the leader of the free world. 

HANNITY: Congressman, I'll give you the last world. 

ISSA: Well, Bobby's saying it very well. And his family came 40 years ago. My grandfather came almost 100 years ago. The fact is people have been coming to America because of the greatness that we've offered.  And if the president, any president, doesn't believe that deep in their heart then they can't do the job that is so important. And I know that Governor Jindal is one of the many people that is on the short list to be considered for the next president of the United States. The fact is we need somebody who's passionate about the country as it is and then dreams of it being better, not something who's apologizing for who we are and what we've done for over 200 years. 

HANNITY: All right, Congressman, Governor, thank you both for being with us. 

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