Off the Record

Greta: The Department of Homeland Security is running out of money in the midst of a terror threat - proof that Washington is insane

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record." If, by chance, you are that one person in America who still doesn't think Washington is insane, try this.

This Friday, in the midst of a terrorist threat on our shopping malls, money runs out for the very agency in charge of protecting us, the Department of Homeland Security. Now, money runs out for one reason, not because you were unwilling to pay, but because Congress and the president just won't do their jobs. Doing their jobs would have interfered with last week's planned vacations and golf games.

Yes, I know it's disgraceful, especially since they are the ones who set the deadline of February 27th. So, they can't claim it's a big surprise. Well, it just got worse. Now, members of Congress are scrambling to pass a separate bill that would authorize payment to DHS employees after DHS funding runs out on Friday.

Now, just think how idiotic this is. This new separate bill provides retroactive pay in the event of a DHS shutdown. But this new separate bill would be completely unnecessary in the first place if our leaders had done their jobs and passed a comprehensive bill funding DHS. So, Congress and the President are now in silly mode, wasting time and money - yes, your money to patch up what they should have done in the first place.

Yes, Washington is insane. But, maybe Jonathan Gruber does have a point, we are stupid enough to let them do this to us over and over and over again. That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.