Common Sense

Cavuto: Mother Nature reveals government's true nature

A few inches of snow grinding Uncle Sam to a halt


Notice anything different today?

I know, it was cold.

Very cold.

And for much of the country, very snowy and icy too.

But I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about something else that was going on today that I'm betting, very few of you knew was even happening today.

The federal government shut down.

It's true. A few inches of snow grinding Uncle Sam to a halt.

Federal offices closed. Local governments in the District of Columbia shut.

Non-essential personnel told to stay home, which apparently meant virtually all government personnel stayed home.

And I'm betting you didn't even notice.

Maybe because not a single Democratic U.S. congressman or senator took to a microphone to demand what the hell was going on.

Not a one. Is it me, or did that seem wrong?

The same folks for whom even the threat of temporary shutdown brings dire warnings of Armageddon, not raising so much as a finger.

Which prompted me to raise a very different finger.

At the folks who were silently showing us the finger.

Who said government is vital. And shutting it down, even temporarily, is cruel.

Too risky. Too foolish. And no matter how long, too dangerous.

And yet, here we are, a full day without a full federal government -- two days, if you count yesterday's presidents day holiday -- and we're all still here.

We're all still breathing.

The government vital to all our interests, completely shut down and we're not interested.

Maybe because it's not so vital. And all those empty threats in the past are not so true?

Leave it to Mother Nature to reveal government's true nature.

I'm not saying some government workers aren't vital.

Just that it's vital we taxpayers realize very few are.

That's the thing about a snow storm.

Sometimes, no matter how blinding, it can help you see a snow job.