Off the Record

Greta: Packers fans, demand Brett Favre be honored in Lambeau Field

'Off the Record,' 2/12/15: Brett Favre deserves to have his numbered retired, be inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame where he played, in front of all his fans, not in a small atrium before sponsors and management. #BrettFavre


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record." Packer fans are different. Besides the fact we sit in below zero weather -- and we do -- most of us are actually owners. The Packers are owned by fans, not by some rich guy. Now, owning it doesn't entitle us to any tickets, just bragging rights -- but that's worth a whole lot. I've been bragging for years. I'm proud to be an owner. And as an owner, I'm speaking up.

Quarterback Brett Favre dazzled Packer fans for 16 seasons, took us twice to the Super Bowl and now his number 4 jersey is being retired and he's being inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame. This is very exciting news for fans, but there's a catch.

We fans can't go to the ceremony. We can't even pay to go. Why? Because Packer management decided to stuff the event inside a small Atrium where only Packer management, some friends and sponsors can go. That's not right.

It's time for us owners to speak up. Speak up for the fans, demand that the Hall of Fame induction, the jersey retirement, be inside Lambeau Field. That's where Brett Favre played on the field. He never played inside an Atrium. Brett Favre wants it in Lambeau Field, too. He wants to tip his hat to Green Bay fans. He deserves that and we, as fans, we deserve it, too.

How does Packer management think? Who do they think supports the team? The fans support them. So, if you agree, help me. Tweet the Packers, post to their Facebook page or call the Hall of Fame number. I'll post the number on GretaWire.

And yes, go Pack go! That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.