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Cavuto: A warning to all you companies that make a profit

Why is Obama targeting Staples?


This is a warning to all you companies that make a profit.

The president wants it.

Or at least isn't keen on you having it.

Especially if you have a lot of it.

And doubly especially if you aren't doing the kind of things he wants you to do with it.

Like provide healthcare for your workers.

The president says Staples is deliberately gouging its employees by forcing so many to work part-time, so the company isn't forced to offer them coverage.

Thing is, there's no proof.

In fact, Staples has the same percentage of part-time workers now as it had back in 2008 years before the Affordable Care Act came into being.

And the president may think Staples has the dough, but clearly not as much dough because I don't know if the president heard, but Staples plans to close more than 200 stores just in North America this year.

Which could explain why it's merging with Office Depot whose stores are even less profitable.

And never mind Staples already offers part-time non-exempt associates insurance.

Not good enough, not generous enough, not his enough.

So never mind that insurance covers everything from medical and dental to vision and same-sex benefits.

Like I said none of those are his benefits or his insurance just like Staples itself isn't his cup of tea either.

Might that have something to do with the fact Staples was one of Bain Capital's earliest investment successes? Who ran Bain back in those days?

Oh, I remember now! Mitt Romney.

And wasn't Tom Stemberg, its co-founder the guy who said Romney was a better job creator than Barack Obama?

Oh, I'm sure this isn't payback. That would be too tacky. Too obvious, too scary.

No, it's just coincidence that Staples' been stapled and other companies that avoid costs on a far grander scale, even shipping jobs overseas.

Companies like Apple, for example aren't mentioned.

I'm sure that was just an oversight.

After all, why rip the Apple guy for salary and stock grants running into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

When you can go after the Staples guy for his 10 million.

Seems fair. Seems balanced.

Seems nuts.