Sen. McCain: Obama is 'placing this nation in grave danger'

Lawmaker discusses the president's stance on ISIS


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: So once again President Obama is lashing out at the media. Now, here's what he told Vox.com when asked if the media overstates the level of alarm that people should have about terrorism. 


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Absolutely. And, you know, I don't blame the media for that.  You know, what's the famous saying about local newscasts, right? If it bleeds, it leads, right? You show crime stories and you show fires, because that's what folks watch. It's all about ratings. And the problems of terrorism and dysfunction and chaos along with plane crashes and a few other things, that's the equivalent when it comes to covering international affairs. 


HANNITY: Pretty unreal. Speaking of chaos, listen to what former Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lieutenant General Michael Flynn told Chris Wallace about who is in charge of the White House when it comes to defeating ISIS. Take a look. 


MICHAEL FLYNN: I can't sit here and tell you that I know who it is.  I really don't, which is part of the problem. And when you -- so if everybody's in charge, nobody's in charge. And it's like the analogy that I just used with the football team. I mean, we're saying "ready, break," and everybody's going into different stadiums. 


HANNITY: Here with reaction in studio, rare appearance, Arizona Senator John McCain. Senator, welcome. Good to see you, my friend. Thank you for being here. 


HANNITY: What is your reaction to what he said about overhyping delusion? 

MCCAIN: Delusion. Delusion or denial or a combination of both.  We've just had hearings in the Senate Armed Services Committee, the most respected people in America, George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft, every one of them, whether they're former Democrat administration or Republicans, have said they have never seen the world in more turmoil. And the greatest threat is Islamic extremism. And the president is now saying that it's exaggerated and overhyped? 

And by the way, could I just mention we now fear that a wonderful young woman who was a humanitarian working in a hospital in Aleppo, we hear that it's very possible that she may have been killed. What does it take to get this president's attention? 

HANNITY: Let me -- why does this president -- you heard what he said about the crusades last week. 

MCCAIN: OK, 800 years ago. 

HANNITY: We can talk history, but this is the reality of today. He won't say "radical Islamist." Well, he won't. He seems to be in denial.  He said, you know, the media overstates the risk of terrorism because stories about things like climate change aren't very sexy. Is he suggesting that climate change is more important? And why won't he say those words? 

MCCAIN: I do not know. I have no clue except that it's very clear that he is either in denial of the reality of what's happening in the world. Look where ISIS is spreading. The latest is Libya is now becoming an outpost for is. It's gone across the entire Middle East. 

HANNITY: Africa. 

MCCAIN: And according to the head of British intelligence, MI-5, who gave a speech a couple weeks ago said they are a direct threat to the United States of America. And that is an exaggeration, when the head of British intelligence says that, Sean? I am telling you, I've been around a long time, as you know. I have never seen anything like this lack of leadership in my life. 

HANNITY: What do you think -- two stories that really got my attention. Number one, the administration said that John Boehner broke protocol inviting the prime minister of Israel to speak. Now one Democrat after another is not going. But more importantly, his former campaign staff is now in Israel actively campaigning against Bibi Netanyahu. And similarly Joe Biden and John Kerry are going to meet with Bibi's opponent. 

MCCAIN: They did meet with Bibi's opponent in Munich. Again, shear hypocrisy. And by the way, it seems to me it is perfectly appropriate for the elected speaker of the House of Representatives can invite someone to speak to the Congress. We're not inviting him to speak to Barack Obama. I think it's entirely appropriate. And there's so much at stake here that Bibi has to tell the American people about this threat of making a deal with the Iranians. That is an existential threat to the state of Israel.

HANNITY: Clear and present danger.

MCCAIN: Clear.

HANNITY: What about the president suggesting that the attack in Paris on this kosher supermarket, he actually went on to say it was somewhat a random act of violence. He talked about randomly shooting a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris. There's nothing random about that. 

MCCAIN: We know that was an organized plot. And if you need authentication of that, look at what the story in the "Wall Street Journal" about how they got the wife of one of these killers all the way to Syria.  That took a very sophisticated network. It almost breaks my heart in a way. We haven't talked about Ukraine. 

HANNITY: I want to ask you one question about that. All right, the Russian economy is on thin ice. You've got cheap oil, western sanctions.  You've got a five percent decrease in GDP and 15 percent increase in inflation. But I know the president met with Chancellor Merkel. He seems reluctant and resistant even though Crimea and the Ukraine were pretty much annexed by Putin to do anything to support them. Why? 

MCCAIN: And 5,000 Ukrainians have been murdered. It's the first time since the end of World War II that once country has dismembered a nation in Europe. And to not give them weapons to defend themselves will be down as one of the shameful chapters in American history. And the chancellor of Germany and the president of France don't surprise me, but they should be ashamed too. 

HANNITY: Do you see the world now sort of separating and dividing radical Islamists and Iran and their relationship with Russia, do you see a danger of a possible scenario under which a world war can break out? 

MCCAIN: I'm not sure about a world war, but the spread of nuclear weapons will take place if Iran acquires them. I guarantee you it will nuclearize the entire Middle East. That means that every nation in the Middle East literally speaking --

HANNITY: So radical Islam with nuclear weapons, that is your existential threat? 

MCCAIN: Exactly. Pay attention to what Bibi has to say when he speaks to Congress. He won't be wrong. And so -- 

HANNITY: He's the only adult on the world stage. 

MCCAIN: Well, thank you for speaking out, and thank you educating the American people, because this president is delusional or in denial, but whatever it is, he is placing this nation in grave danger. 

HANNITY: You know, the last time I interviewed Bibi he said coming to a theater near you. That's scary, too. Thank you.

MCCAIN: When Baghdadi left Camp Bucca, the head of ISIS, and he said to his American captors, Camp Bucca was our American prison camp in Iraq, he said, I'll see you in New York. 

HANNITY: Scary. Thanks, Senator. Appreciate it. 

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