Common Sense

Cavuto: Reality of terror and how to respond

Suddenly ‘American Sniper' doesn't look so evil, does it?

Navy SEAL Chris Kyle doesn't seem so crazy, does he?

The folks who've flocked to that movie don't look so nutty, do they?

Where's Michael Moore burning up the social media?

He's been shutting up.

Since a different burning started preoccupying the social media.

It's a pity real life has to intrude on those with a different take on reality.

Or those who ignore that reality.

The reality of terror and how to respond.

And what happens when you ignore that terror and do not respond.

Or take your time to respond.

Or hem and haw about how you respond.

Or worry over who you offend when you do respond.

Sometimes it takes a brutality so real that Hollywood couldn't write the script, for some in Hollywood to show the better part of valor.

And just shut the hell up.

Maybe it's at such a time, that reality sets in and they, like us try and fathom what sets some extremists off.

Even if they still fail to call them extremists.

Even if they still fail to call them anything at all.

Even if they still fail to see evil for what it is.

Or attach any good to what guys like Chris Kyle are.

They cannot help but see an American sniper in the very real world in which he lived,

They won't admit it.

I'm not holding my breath waiting for them to say it.

But they cannot deny it.

If you're going to call Kyle a coward, so you can ignite a controversy.

How do you describe masked killers who'd happily ignite a human being in a cage?

Those on the left could do worse than admit they pulled a trigger too soon.

Or what they said about a very real hero was too much.

It would be nice to hear them confess what they said was devastating.

For now, all we've got is their silence.

And, my friends that silence is deafening.