Off the Record

Greta: How the Seahawks' Pete Carroll went from hero to Super Bowl goat

'Off the Record,' 2/2/15: Seattle Seahawks' coach would have been brilliant if the surprise pass had been a touchdown instead of an interception


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record." Last night, at the end of first half, with seconds to go, the Seattle Seahawks down seven points. And the ball was well within field goal range and easy three points.

Now, I would have played it safe, taking a 3-point field goal, but not Seahawks' coach, Pete Carroll. He wanted seven points. So he took a risk and did he dazzle the crowd. It was touchdown Seahawks. And the crowd went wild and the Seahawks race into the half-time locker room tied with the Patriots. Immediately Coach Carroll got wildly praised for that gutsy call. Even the Twitter-sphere went crazy praising him. What a coach!

Well then, fast-forward two quarters, the last 25 seconds in the game. Seattle was down on the half yard line, and everyone expected quarterback Russell Wilson to hand the ball to rushing power hours Marshawn Lynch. Instead, the stunner: Coach Carroll called a pass play, but that went belly up, Malcolm Butler interpretation. The Patriots win the game.

So right now, the fans are trashing Coach Carroll. But let's face it -- if that last play had been a catch, not an interception, the fans would be calling Coach Carroll brilliant tonight. P.S., Patriots quarterback Tom Brady should give his MVP truck to Malcolm Butler for intercepting that pass. Brady was great, but he doesn't need a truck. And that guy, Butler, saved the day for the Patriots.

That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.