Common Sense

Cavuto: Standing up to idiots makes good business sense too

Better late than never for Hollywood showing some back bone


So what have we learned about Sony releasing, "The Interview" in the end?

I'll tell you what all of Hollywood should have learned that standing up to idiots makes good business sense too.

More than $15 million in business sense in a single weekend, to be exact.

Lesson -- I hope -- learned!

Letting movie-goers decide if a flick is worth the fuss is a lot better than never playing that flick because some hackers are making a fuss.

Or a guy supposedly offended in North Korea making a fuss.

So word of warning to all those in Tinseltown who might even think of cowering.


Don't do it when Egyptians are offended by how you portray Moses in "Exodus."

Or when Pakistanis are offended by how you portray them in "Homeland."

Last time I checked this is our land, our movies, our call.

If you don't like the movie, don't see the movie. That's your call.

Protest it, condemn it, even tell others not to see it.

But Pakistan protesting its boorish image in a show by boorishly removing that show from being shown?

Let's just say, proving the point.

And not that Pakistan needs my advice, but don't you think you should be worried more about the real terror attacks that just killed 150 of your kids, than to lecture us or anyone on what we show our kids?

Wasn't this the same country that took exception to "Zero Dark Thirty" because it portrayed Pakistan in a bad light. Or was that "Noah," because it contradicted the teachings of Islam?

Or was that Egypt, with "Moses"?

I lose track because so many seem so thin-skinned these days.

That's not to say we don't bristle at Hollywood's portrayal of Christians and urge boycotts of our own.

But urging people not to see a movie is very different than not even giving them a chance to see a movie.

Or worse, threatening violence if they dare go and see that movie.

Talk about reinforcing a bad image and oftentimes over a bad movie.

Anyone see "The Interview?" let's just say, hold the Oscar.

And anyone check out "Noah"? Yikes, let her drown! And let Russell eat his own Crowe.

Not movie-goers who you're never giving the chance.

Let them decide. Not some thin-skinned, tin-pot, crackpot.

Hollywood should learn that it's easy to offend but it's offensive to bend, especially those who are just bent, or more correctly, hell-bent.

Well, better late than never for Hollywood showing some back bone.

Because the only thing worse than a smarmy Hollywood executive sending slimy e-mails, is slimily caving to slimy despots over a movie that ain't worth the fuss.