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Cavuto: Chuck Schumer's on another corporate crusade

What the Chuck!

Here we go again.

Chuck Schumer is on another corporate crusade.

He's furious.

Not with the oil guys.

But with the airline guys.

Schumer wants to know why airline fares are rising, when energy prices are falling.

Now, I could save the senator the trouble by telling him to just look under his airline seat.

"Fees" for the bag that passengers place there, or the other bag they might stick in that overhead compartment above there -- they're the big reasons airlines are making big bucks.

Because underlying fares are actually down, when you take all that other stuff out like the fees for where you sit on a plane or from whom you bought the tickets to get on that plane.

No matter, Chuck is on the case.

What's weird, to me at least, is why this time Chuck isn't on the energy companies' case.

Because you would think that a guy who was calling for special hearings and investigations when gas prices were rocketing, would be just as adamant to get to the bottom of why gas prices are suddenly collapsing.

After all, what weirdly goes down, must be just as scrutinized as what weirdly goes up, right?

Well, wrong.

Even though it's for essentially the same reason.

Something called "supply and demand."

A lot of supply right now, "not" a whole lot of demand.

Versus when those prices were jumping, and there was a lot more demand.

That's when booming global powerhouses like China and India were sapping up whatever energy they could get it.

But fracking had yet to increase the supply of oil from which they could get it.

Then, boom! Things reversed!

Fracking and supply took off, China and India and much of the world slowed down.

"What the Chuck" does a biz-basher do now?

I tell you what he does. He makes a different lemonade out of the changed agenda lemons that he has been dealt.

This time, not going after the oil companies for their businesses suddenly tumbling.

But the airlines, for their fortunes suddenly soaring.

Now, it is a good diversion. But it doesn't make what he's doing any less devious.

But, I guess whatever flies.

Only I'm not letting this fly.

Because I'm not letting this go.

Or letting chuck off.

If you come back three hours from now on Fox Business Network, I am going to get to the bottom of this D.C. double standard.

Using their words, their hearings, and their rants then and their eerie silence now.

The pivot that will make you want to vomit. As well as the real reason oil prices are tumbling and why they could soon again be soaring. From none other than the billionaire who saw this coming, T. Boone Pickens.

That's only on FBN at 8 p.m.

Think about it. Just to be fair and balance about this. If you are demanding hearings and talking of cabals and price manipulation when prices seem to be inexplicably moving up and now those prices are going in the opposite direction and seemingly inexplicably moving down, then you would think for consistency case you would call for the same hearings on Capitol Hill. But we're not hearing that, are we? We're not seeing that, are we? The others aren't covering that double standard are they? We will. 8 p.m.

If you don't get're losing a bundle just missing it.