Common Sense

Cavuto: Workers being 'maximum used' by union bosses

Reaction to protest demands to hike minimum wage


The push is on.

Or is it the con that's on?

I ask, because all these protesters demanding a doubling in the minimum wage?

They're being maximum used.

You're being used not by your bosses at the burger joint.

But by your union bosses who gotta be smoking a joint.

Because if anyone ever stepped back to look at the math they'd have to know the numbers don't add up.

So chances are a lot of you protesters' jobs go down.

But I'll say this - you've enjoyed a hell of a distraction. You have now become the distraction.

Because it is far easier to blame Burger King than bureaucrats in Washington.

Can't you see what's going on here?

It's not companies screwing you, guys.

It's Washington, guys.

It's rules from there, that leave little left for your boss to give you.

Just this week, the president decreed sweeping changes in overtime policy that will force companies to re-brand, and likely re-tire a lot of their workers.

Just like new Washington rules on healthcare and who qualifies as full time or part-time.

Non-stop hassles all the time.

The issue isn't why companies seem stingy with raises, the marvel is how so many of them can still afford raises at all.

Just like the issue isn't why so many companies ship jobs overseas, but why many more don't follow them.

There's a reason why Apple's stock is so hot, the cool new iPhones it makes they're all made in China at pennies on the dollar.

And there's a reason why so many companies park trillions of dollars abroad it'd cost them a boat load in additional taxes if they brought that money back here.

Because taxes are higher here.

Regulations are out of control here.

And the attitude for business is downright nasty here.

Only in America can we bemoan the job creators for not providing more jobs and lose site of the economic environment that is inhibiting those jobs.

Jobs foreigners are more than happy to welcome, with financial incentives and lower taxes that are more than welcoming.

So the next time, all you protesters, you deserve a higher minimum wage, just not a doubling of that minimum wage, decide to gather outside a McDonald's to beef, you might want to hop to Washington to kick their buns.

Because your boss isn't the problem.

The folks creating problems for your boss are the problem.

The folks who tax them and ridicule them and blast them and regulate them, and all but spit on them.

The folks who can't keep track of our money, but happily lecture the folks who pay you the money.

American companies aren't the ones screwing you.

The politicians hoping you don't notice the deflection are the ones screwing you.

And laughing at you.

Getting you all fired up over a minimum wage hike that will likely cost you your job.

And hoping you forget the folks really piss-poor at their job.

So go ahead and raise hell.

Just remember the evil sob's firing you up.

And already have their tickets to hell.