Grapevine: Kim Jong-un wants to be unique

North Korea reportedly bans anyone sharing leader's name


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine…

Accept No Substitute

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery -- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un-- does not have the memo.

South Korean media reports-- the leader wants to be the only person-- named Kim Jong-un.

New parents must cross Un off their list of possible names -- and anyone sharing his name-- must have it legally changed.

Similar bans were put in place during the reigns of Kim Jong-un's father-- Kim Jong Il-- and grandfather-- Kim Il Sung.

Something’s Fishy

Marine experts believe they have solved the mystery of Canadian lobsters -- showing up in nets off the coast of England.

No-- the crustaceans did not swim across the Atlantic-- they cruised.

Researchers say cruise ship passengers have been buying live lobsters -- then throwing them overboard-- in a misguided attempt to save them.

Many of the lobsters still have rubber bands on their claws.
What's more -- that species cannot breed with the local lobsters -- and usually dies very quickly in the new habitat.

Says one industry executive -- quote -- "They won't last much longer than if the passenger had eaten them for dinner."

Nightmare Before Christmas

And finally -- some parents in South Wales say their children were traumatized by Santa's mode of departure-- from a Christmas parade this weekend.
After arriving on a sleigh with reindeer -- Santa had a distinctly non-traditional exit strategy.

The South Wales Evening Post reports-- a paddy wagon pulled up -- and Santa jumped in and rode off-- to the horror of the children looking on.

Parents told reporters -- the boys and girls thought he was being arrested-- and Christmas was ruined.

Organizers defend Santa's unorthodox getaway.
They say that was the plan all along-- to help Santa depart in a hurry.

This is, after all, his busy season.