Grapvine: Political correctness overload for school trip?

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...


Students and public employees in Washington State may get an extra day or two off school or work to celebrate something.

Rawstory.com writes a new law there is a bit vague granting the time for people to take part in unspecified religious holidays.

Well, the lawmaker behind the measure says he was doing it for his Muslim constituents.

But, one city council official says people could theoretically take the time off to celebrate Festivus -- a fictional December 23rd holiday introduced on the "Seinfeld" TV show and now celebrated by some in real life.

Familiar Foes

Well, Boston area school's annual field trip to see the "Nutcracker" is back on tonight after a battle between those two common foes -- political correctness and common sense.

A local TV station reports the Butler Elementary School PTA canceled the trip because the ballet's religious content might be offensive, specifically, the Christmas tree onstage.

Other parents alleged the PTA tried to keep the cancellation a secret and also pointed out the Christmas tree actually has pagan roots that were actually scorned by early American puritans.

Holiday Treats

And the folks who brought you legalized recreational marijuana have a holiday warning keep those magic cookies and juices away from the kids.

This is the billboard going up in Denver and Seattle about what it calls adult snacks.

Washington State and Colorado have both made recreational pot legal for adults.