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Allen West: President Obama 'cherry-picks' his causes for social justice, sees political opportunity in Ferguson

Could the president have done more to quell the unrest in Ferguson before the violent protests reached a fever pitch? Or was he in a no-win situation? #Ferguson


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: This is a Fox News alert. Right now, growing protests from coast to coast, hundreds of protesters taking it to the streets of New York City and Los Angeles. They are protesting the Ferguson grand jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson. Protesters are blocking traffic as the crowds grow. We will continue to update you on this very fluid situation.

And this afternoon, President Obama was late taking off for Chicago. That's because he called Attorney General Eric Holder over to the White House to discuss the situation in Ferguson. Meanwhile, our next guest says the attorney general should stay out of local and state law enforcement issues.

Former Congressman Allen West joins us. Good evening, sir.

ALLEN WEST, FORMER FLORIDA CONGRESSMAN: Good evening, Greta. How are you?

VAN SUSTEREN: I'm very well. Curious of what you thought of President Obama's statement last night and then he spoke again today.

WEST: Well, I think the president initially came out in calling for calmness. But he continues to talk about how this can be expected or there is some deep-seeded or deep rooted feelings and beliefs out there, but what I do find very hypocritical is that neither President Obama nor Eric Holder has said anything about the four black gang members who brutally carjacked and took Captain Kevin Quick of Virginia reserve police officer and murdered him. We did not hear them say anything about the 19-year-old New Jersey teenager, Brendan Tevlin, how he was gunned down by black self-proclaimed jihadists.

We heard them say nothing about the two black teenagers who bludgeoned to death a World War II Okinawa veteran out of Spokane, Washington nor about the black teenager who shot a young toddler in the face in Brunswick, Georgia.

So I think that the country has to really get tired of this cherry picking of these instances of their perceived social justice and their own agenda that they are trying to use for their own elevation. This is really getting quite despicable.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, the Brendan Tevlin hits home here because we did an hour special and we spent a lot of time with his parents and his family, so that one does hit home here at On The Record, all of them are important I should add. But why do you think the president and the attorney general are cherry picking some? Is it the violence on the streets or why aren't they talking about Brendan Tevlin? That was a lone wolf jihadist killing him, an 18-year-old kid driving home from a friend's house.

WEST: Yeah, because it has no political benefit for them. Let's remember that the Georgia democrat party actually sent out mailer pieces threatening that a vote for David Perdue in that senate race in Georgia could possibly end up with a Ferguson happening in the state of Georgia.

So, I think that that's what you are seeing, a political opportunity and there is no doubt that after what the very meticulous and very well-stated summary that was given by Prosecutor McCullough that the whole federal government should step out of this and there should be no further probes. The burden of proof to try to show that Darren Wilson tried to violate these civil rights of Michael Brown had some premeditated attempt based upon his race. They can't prove that.