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Nurse-turned-congresswoman: Architect Gruber's comments prove deception was hallmark of ObamaCare

Nurse-turned-congresswoman says architect Jonathan Gruber's comments prove that lies were the foundation of the Affordable Care Act. #GruberGate #ObamaCare


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Our next guest is a nurse-turned-congresswoman. Representative Renee Ellmers says Jonathan Gruber's remarks confirm the deception, which is a nice way to say lying, is behind the creation of ObamaCare.

Representative Renee Ellmers joins us. Good evening.

REP. RENEE ELLMERS, R-N.C.: Good to be with you, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: You think deception is how this thing got passed?

ELLMERS: Deception, deceit and duping of the American people. They knew that they had to lie in order to pass it for the American people. And that's what we saw consistently. And those of us out there in the health care world were speaking out against it, because we knew it did -- the numbers didn't just add up.

VAN SUSTEREN: It's sort of interesting. You have got the thing of the president saying you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor. That didn't happen. Premiums, said they are supposed to go down. That apparently didn't happen. They have got Gruber saying that they had to use a lack of transparency in order to get it passed. And you also have Gruber saying they had to write it in such a way that the CBO scored it not as a tax in order to slip it by. I mean, it doesn't look good for the administration on this one.

ELLMERS: No, it doesn't. It just, again, highlights the arrogance of the Obama administration. And here we have this individual that now everyone is running from, who was an intricate part of putting this together, an architect of this bill. We heard Nancy Pelosi say, way back when, say, let's pass this so we can all find out what's in it. You know, this has been the plan all along. And now the American people are seeing that.

VAN SUSTEREN: So you -- are you saying you don't think this was just a mistake on their part, that they actually truly believed it, but they sat down in a room closed the curtains and said, let's figure out a way we can dupe the American people?

ELLMERS: I believe the plan all along was just the lack of transparency. Let's push it forward. This is going to be such a great plan of action that the American people are going to embrace it and move forward. We have seen over time that the American people do not like this plan. The health care premiums are skyrocketing. The deductibles are skyrocketing. The quality of care is now being jeopardized. And you see these families. I have families in my district that are reaching out to me every day. They cannot afford this plan. And it is a bad action.

So what do we need to do moving forward? We, in the House of Representatives, have worked tirelessly on this issue. We have got to put a message forward. Patient-centered, doctor/patient relationship health care that we have got to go back to. And we can make it affordable. It can be affordable for the American people. You know, we have to start by repealing the medical device tax. Repealing --


VAN SUSTEREN: Which makes me -- every time someone raises that -- it upsets me when Democrats raise that because that was in the bill since day one. And a lot of these Democrats go home and find out the manufacturers in their state are big donors and, suddenly, they don't like it. If they read the bill to begin with, maybe they would have objected to that being in the bill in the first place. But nobody bothered to read this.

ELLMERS: Well, but that was a pay-for. And if you remember, CBO said it was budget-neutral, which, of course, again, no one believed on our side. And, yet, it moved forward because, you know, it had that stamp of approval. This has just been an unworkable law. It is bad for the American people. We still have pending Supreme Court action on this issue. We have got to stand together for the American people and fight and repeal this whole thing. I know the president is going to be -- isn't going to be in favor of it. But we can't take it apart piece by piece.

VAN SUSTEREN: Representative, nice to see you.

ELLMERS: Good to see you.