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Cavuto: It was all an affordable 'careless' act

It wasn't what Gruber said, it was how he said it



Jonathan Gruber: ObamaCare architect: We had a meeting in the Oval Office with several experts including myself.

And they proposed it and that passed, because American voters are too stupid understand the difference.

It's a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.


It wasn't what he said.

It was how he said it.

Not that ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber didn't have the smarts.

But in the end, he comes off as a smart-ass.

All IQ no EQ.

That's what did in this MIT economics professor.

One of the smartest guys in the room forgot he was in a room.

And being taped.

In lots of rooms.

And taped lots of times.

Offering a strategy for breaking promises that had been made lots of times.

And dismissing on my Fox Business show, very matter-of-factly, something the White House had said about insuring everyone in this country repeatedly.


Neil Cavuto: I few have 30 million in the end who are uninsured was it worth it?

Gruber: Absolutely, Neil. If we cover half the uninsured American it will be the greatest expansion of health insurance in our nation's history.

No one ever claimed we were covering everyone...

Cavuto: So everyone will be protected in this country. Now you're telling me that they won't be...


It was all an act. An Affordable "Careless" Act.

And we were but bit players being played.

Too stupid to know. Too stupid to tell.

And Gruber way too smart to share.

And in one telling exchange with a Vermont man concerned about the law's unintended consequences, Guber too arrogant to hear saying of his questioner's critique, and I quote, "was this written by my adolescent children by any chance?"

Could you be a bigger jerk?

Could you be more dismissive?

Or condescending?

Could you be so focused on the idiots paying your fees that you forgot about those pesky folks paying the bills?

That would be us.

The silly taxpayers for whom too much information is too taxing and details don't matter.

Much like the truth didn't and doesn't matter.

That the end would justify the means.

Even as it provided the means to a pompous professor's end.