Common Sense

Cavuto: Time for Wall Street to 'man up'

Quantitative easing party is over


Hey, Wall Street suck it up because it's time to man up.

Because after 37 months, you're on your own.

Come next month, your mommy Janet Yellen is cutting the apron strings. She's leaving you to fend for yourselves because frankly, you've been living in her basement too long and she's sick of it.

It's true. More than three years after keeping markets afloat, the Federal Reserve is sending its free money ship out to sea.

No ship.

No more money.

No more quantitative easing. Just this hard reality.

It's over.

The party's over.

The free money free ride is over.

No more help from Uncle Sam so you pathetic profiteers can keep making Benjamins.

Because the Fed is done. Sorry, Wall Street, read it and weep.

No more buying all those treasury notes and bonds to keep interest rates at darn near zero.

So you zeroes could continue all but shooting financial fish in a barrel and think you're geniuses.

Even I could make money on something if you gave me money for nothing.

And that's just what the Federal Reserve has been doing all these years to keep, this shaky recovery from falling on its face.

And a lot of you wildly overpaid bankers from falling on your ass.

So now it's your turn, you laissez faire losers.

All you free marketeers who railed against others getting something from the government.

But never seemed to mind the far bigger sums you we're getting from the government.

It's a capital crime all this capital you got from us. Now let's see what you can do when you can no longer count on us.

I'm banking on you bitching.

But I'm telling you, this day's been a long time coming.