Common Sense

Cavuto: Will Hillary get the Mitt Romney media treatment?

I'm 100 percent betting she won't


Think quick what's the difference between a Democratic politician saying this.


Hillary Clinton: Don't let anybody tell you that it's corporations and businesses that create jobs.


And a Republican politician saying this,


Mitt Romney: Corporations are people, my friend. We can raise taxes...of course they are, everything corporations earn it goes to people.


I'll tell you the difference.

The press was all over this guy.

Not so much this Democrat.

But it's still early.

Let's see if Hillary gets the Mitt 47 percent treatment.

Let's just say I'm 100 percent betting she won't.

That outside of some news channels like the one you're watching.

And newspapers that know business, like the Wall Street Journal, no one's going to pile on Hillary's "inelegant" remarks.

"Inelegant" was the way Romney explained to me his infamous private fundraiser gaffe, in which he bemoaned the 47 percent of Americans who pay no federal income tax and will, quote, "vote for the president no matter what."

No one disputed his figures.

47 percent really weren't paying any federal income taxes. Some were seniors or retired military and had every right to feel offended.

But no one in the media stepped back to examine how that number got so high, or how over the last few years, it had shot up so fast.

No one asked that.

Just that Romney was a dope - the same dope who said corporations are people.

Never mind corporations are run by people, and employ people, and serve people, and invested in by people.

We all know they're giant androids devoid of humanity and human beings, period.

So totally devoid of caring, let alone creating jobs for people.

That doesn't mean for the sake of argument, you can't blast them for out-sourcing jobs.

Just that they're incapable of creating jobs.

So in a sense Hillary's right everything they kinda do is wrong.

Because they have no soul, and we have no clue.

And because the media that pushes this pablum has no brain.