Incident in Canada a 'wake up call' for US?

Former DEA agent David Katz speaks out


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: You know, David Katz, the former DEA specialist, Global Security Group founder, was telling me something during the break. I don't want to divulge a conversation, but there is a pattern here to these types of incidents.

And you were saying going after those in authority, police, high officials, et cetera, here, everywhere.

DAVID KATZ, FOUNDER AND CEO, GLOBAL SECURITY GROUP: Here, there was a -- yes, there was a general call for jihad, find police officers, uniformed military personnel, shoot them, stab them, run them over with a car. We had that last week.

CAVUTO: A year ago, we had it in Britain.

KATZ: We had a head cut off in Britain. I mean, this is just...


CAVUTO: Why? Why those types?

KATZ: Well, obviously, there -- obviously, there's that -- the important idea of striking uniformed personnel. And I think it resonates more if we can kill a soldier. Guess what we could do to you.

I mean, there could be that element.

CAVUTO: So, like, the Fort Hood type deals, all of that.

KATZ: You know, it's workplace violence, had nothing to do with terrorism or jihad.


CAVUTO: So, how do we prepare?

KATZ: Isn't that kind of disgraceful, by the way?


CAVUTO: That is, but how do we prepare and deal with that, if that is the strategy, whether it's -- you're technically calling it terrorism, certainly terrifying?

KATZ: Yes.

CAVUTO: But if that's the target?

KATZ: The only -- the only way is, like, the general police force, for example, we're taught -- like, street -- NYPD, they're generally trained to if there is an incident, God forbid, do the best you can to contain the situation, secure the perimeter and wait for emergency services to show up.

We have to change that mind-set. Every single police officer, federal agent, anyone in law enforcement, anyone armed needs to be that street warrior. And they need to be trained basically the way the Israelis do it. You're assuming you're the only person who can get there. You're the only person who is going to stop this guy from opening up in Macy's on 34th Street.

CAVUTO: Are we any better at dealing with this, David, than let's say the Canadians? They seemed to be caught off guard, no offense to them. But, quite rightly, they have no reason to think they're targets. Who would have thought of going after Canada? They're loved across the globe.

But was it their involvement with this -- our airstrike coalition, what?

KATZ: It could have been. It could have been. Listen...


CAVUTO: We know it's been Australia.

KATZ: Right.

And I think -- I think it seems that they probably have maybe -- they report it in the media. This guy's a Canadian citizen. He probably gets worked up. He goes, OK, now Canada is joining, and he listens to that call to jihad. He probably has a shotgun at home.

By the way, that's a weapon I wouldn't choose to carry out jihad. But he grabs it and he kills a soldier.

CAVUTO: You were mentioning that that alone tells you he is a lone wolf. Why?

KATZ: Yes, I would think so.


KATZ: Because if -- because if you were going to coordinate a real -- an attack against -- against Parliament, you would probably go with semiautomatic weapons, at least a firearm that was easier to...


CAVUTO: Unless he had accomplices who did.

KATZ: Yes, but we don't -- you know, they still -- they still -- we don't know.

CAVUTO: We don't know.

KATZ: So, but it just -- it seems like he's one of these guys who that message resonated with him and he took action.

And how many more hundreds or even thousands of those do we have in Canada or even here? We're sitting in New York City. You don't think there are dozens of people who are like sitting on the fence, maybe I should heed the call? Absolutely, there are.

KATZ: David, thank you very much, David Katz. All right.

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