Lawmakers pressing Obama for travel bans amid Ebola fears

Rep. Tom Marino speaks out


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CHARLES PAYNE, GUEST HOST: Ebola fears ramping up and scares popping up all over the world.

Now dozens of lawmakers, including three Democrats, are urging the president to start banning travelers from those countries that are hardest- hit.

Republican -- Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Tom Marino is just one of them.

Sir, it just seems almost -- at this point, it seems almost obvious to people who are particularly apolitical why this is not the obvious choice, just to ban the people from these hard-hit countries from entering America.

REP. TOM MARINO, R-PA.: I have heard that consistently through my travels today, whether it's on the campaign trail or whether it's on congressional business.

You know, the blue-collar workers, the farmers in my district are simply saying, this is ridiculous, and I agree with them. I don't want to be in the position, once again, where the president comes back and says, oh, I underestimated the situation.

We cannot afford it here at this point. And I'm only asking for a delay, a temporary stop on travel visas. I will not get in the way, nor would I even think of getting in the way of the medical personnel or the military personnel that has to travel.

Look, I have been to Liberia. I know what it's like over there. I have seen children on garbage heaps trying to get food to eat. People are drinking water that we wouldn't wash our cars with. We just -- we need to stop this travel into the country. We need to look at people coming into the airports, get them to medical treatment, and quarantined.

And I don't agree with the CDC director in this. What could this possibly hurt? I would rather err on the side of caution.

PAYNE: So would you say, then, it's ultra-P.C., political correctness? Or it's -- what would be the criticism if the administration did an about-face? Who would criticize them, to your knowledge, and what would that criticism be?

MARINO: I don't know of anyone that would criticize him at this point.

I have spoken with today Republicans and Democrats and independents, and they're questioning this. They're very concerned, extremely concerned about this breakout. They have seen what it has done thus far. They're getting word through the media that it's spreading throughout the world.

So, there's no loose situation here for anyone. And, regardless, this -- of what some people may say politically, I don't really care. This is not a political situation. This is a safety issue for the American people.

PAYNE: And just at a time when there's so many questions about leadership on so many aspects of the country, it couldn't come at a worse time.

And I got to tell you, these screenings at the airports, we're showing photographs of how they will look, are an absolute joke for a lot of people.

Sir, I really appreciate you taking time to spend with us. And it's one of those logical things that perhaps will seep its way into the White House before it's too late. We appreciate it.

MARINO: You're very welcome.

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