Grapevine: Seattle votes to replace Columbus Day

Will celebrate Indigenous People's Day instead


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Tax Dollars at Work

Your tax dollars are helping welfare recipients enjoy vacations at some very exotic destinations.

Watchdog.org analyzed which ATM machines were used by Colorado welfare recipients to withdraw cash from their government issued debit cards.

It found that in two years almost $4 million were withdrawn outside of the state including the vacation hotspots.

$70,000 in Las Vegas, $6,500 in Hawaii, and $560 in Saint Thomas in the Virgin Islands.

ATMs at liquor stores and tobacco outlets were also being used.

Republican state lawmaker Tim Dore says -- quote -- "You can't walk or drive to Hawaii or the Virgin Islands. That's a pricey flight. Using those cards there is concerning." 

Last month, we told you about a loophole in welfare law enabling welfare debit cards to be used legally, at marijuana dispensaries.

Out with the Old

This coming Monday is Columbus Day in most of the country.

But not in Seattle.

The City Council there has voted unanimously to replace the federal holiday with Indigenous Peoples' Day.

Supporters say the goal is to recognize Native Americans who have lived in Washington State for hundreds of years.

The head of the Quinault tribe declared at the council meeting -- quote -- "Nobody discovered Seattle."

Several Italian-Americans are objecting, saying replacing Columbus Day is a big insult to the explorer's Italian countrymen.

Lost in Translation

And finally, a hard lesson for a New Jersey library that you should practice what you preach. 

The New Moorestown library has an inscription of the library's motto, in latin, outside.

It is supposed to say- "We confirm all things twice."

Not true.

The architect apparently failed to confirm the translation even once.

It actually says -- quote -- "We second guess all."

The architect says he will pay a stone cutter to fix it.