Grapevine: Gov't regs force California winery to close

Heavy fine for using volunteer workers


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

The End Is Near?

This is not the 90's action movie "Armageddon."

But the folks in charge of disarming nuclear weapons apparently were taking notes.

The National Nuclear Security Administration is holding off on disassembling some nuclear components because of asteroids.

The Wall Street Journal reports the admission is tucked away deep inside a Government Accountability Office report listing one reason some material needs to be retained -- quote -- "Potential use in planetary defense against earthbound asteroids." Calling the material an "irreplaceable national asset."

Last year, an asteroid exploded over Russia releasing 30 times the energy of the Hiroshima bomb.

This Calls for a Drink

Government regulations strike again.

This time forcing one small California winery to close for using volunteers.

The San Jose Mercury News reports, Westover Winery did not need the help, but found some people wanted to learn about making wine so it brought them in.

That earned the winery a $115,000 fine -- 10 times its yearly profit -- for using illegally unpaid laborers.

A state official says -- quote -- "People should be paid for their labor...What happens if someone has a catastrophic injury at the winery?"

One former volunteer is not happy.

Quote -- "It was all about learning. I don't understand that state's actions. It was my time and I volunteered."

Buckeye Strong

Finally, today's life lesson from the Grapevine -- never run onto the field during a sporting event.

The Ohio State student who did just that over the weekend not only got body slammed by a Buckeye coach but is also losing his scholarship.

The fourth-year engineering student is charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing.

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