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Bill O'Reilly: President Obama's perceived weakness and how it affects America and the world

Talking Points 9/25


By Bill O'Reilly

In case you haven't noticed, the entire world is a mess. That's because there is little leadership in the West and the bad guys know it -- so Putin, China, the jihadists all ramping things up.

Sadly, President Obama seems a bit befuddled by it all. Some of his own people, who have resigned are saying they advised him to do a number of things internationally -- all of which he rejected. And now we have a new war and danger in almost every area in the world.

The left wing zealots will never admit the truth that President Obama's passive world view and rejection of American leadership have thrown the planet into chaos. And if Washington doesn't reverse things soon, something catastrophic is likely to happen.

Last night, Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer gave us a warning about President Obama's agenda:


KRAUTHAMMER: We no longer hear "Iran cannot possess nukes; we're not going to allow this will not happen." He says we are in negotiations. Iran has an opportunity to rejoin the community of nations. This can only happen if Iran takes this historic opportunity.

In other words, Iran will decide if it wants to go nuclear. No threats, but forget about saying everything is on the table. He doesn't even talk about sanctions which are collapsing. This is a surrender on Iran as our negotiations are reaching a deadline within a month.


O'REILLY: Now, that's impossible to prove, but Krauthammer is a smart guy. And he is not alone in believing President Obama's backing away from the Iran nuclear situation. Israel believes the same thing.

On another front the President recently pointed to Yemen as a country where his anti-terror policies have worked. Well the government of Yemen has now been overthrown by the jihadists and word is Americans are evacuating the U.S. embassy there. While few care about Yemen, the danger is Saudi Arabia will attack that country fearing the jihadists will set up a base there and that's dangerous to the kingdom.

It's all very complicated but it always goes back to a lack of American leadership in the world. President Obama was quite clear in stating that he wanted the USA to be among the nations of the world, not the leader. And that's where his policies have taken us. And that's why things are as bad as they are.

I mean when the entertainment industry begins mocking the President, you know critical mass has been reached.


SETH MEYERS, TALK SHOW HOST: Do we really think moderate rebels can stop ISIS? No. But it's a nice thing to say -- moderate rebels. Try it at a dinner party. What we need to do is arm moderate rebels; everyone will nod and say I agree. Hey, won't ISIS just take the guns from the moderate rebels? Yes. That is what will happen.


O'REILLY: Now, if you watch "The Factor", you know "Talking Points" is not an Obama basher. We have been tough on the President but have treated him fairly overall. However, things are going south fast right now. And all Americans should understand that.

And that's "The Memo".