Off the Record

Greta: The Secret Service did a lousy job, and they're taking it out on you

'Off the Record,' 9/22/14: Checkpoints? Expanding the perimeter outside the White House? The Secret Service isn't doing its job, and their solution is to punish YOU!


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record" for a minute. The Secret Service did a lousy job, Friday night, and is now taking it out on you.

There are red flags that there are big problems at the service. The prostitution scandal in 2012, when a group of advance team agents brought hookers to their hotel rooms in Colombia, and on your dime. And then seven months ago, just a day before the president's arrival on the Netherland, some agent had a booze-filled night, one agent passed out in a hotel hall way.

And now, two White House security incidents in 24 hours. One intruder making it 70 yards all the way from the White House fence, and into the White House by an unlocked door. Now, how did that happen? Secret Service failure. So their solution? Punish you. Secret Service sees you as the problem, not themselves.

Rather than cleaning up their act, they want to push back the perimeter outside the White House fence, maybe even add checkpoints so you, the American people, can't get so close, can't get that great tourist picture with the White House background. Think about it. Hundreds of thousands of tourists have had so much fun going right up to the fence, snapping that picture, and no fence jumper made it into the White House until now. Over the years, a few nuts and criminals have jumped the fence, but always immediately nabbed, like a dog on a tennis ball. Until now, it hasn't happened.

Of course, the first family must be protected, but the fix is not to send the tourist to a satellite parking lot. It's the Secret Service. They need to wake up, do their jobs. There are way too many red flags about the Secret Service. And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.