Grapevine: A price tag on the Mona Lisa?

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A Price Tag on Priceless?

The Mona Lisa -- the most famous face in the world -- is said to be priceless.

But some people speculate she could ease a real money problem for France by going on the auction block.

France's state-run news channel says selling the Mona Lisa could put a dent in the country's $271 billion debt.

But it would be a small dent even if it pulled in a projected $1 billion.

And selling the Mona Lisa would present significant legal hurdles.

The head of culture at Paris City Hall told a French magazine, the city -- quote-- "isn't yet in such dire economic straits."

Hobnobbing with Hobos

A California county supervisor candidate is under fire for a fundraiser she is having where she is asking attendees to show up dressed like hobos.

San Luis Obispo Republican Lynn Compton's October event will be held at a train depot feature hobo stew and the dress code is hobo attire.

A questionable choice, especially considering her county has the third highest rate in the country for homeless people sleeping outside of shelters.

Compton's opponent's campaign says this shows a -- quote -- "disgusting lack of compassion."

Compton's camp begs to differ.

It tells Cal Coast News hobos are not homeless people and her opponent should lighten up.

Campfire 101

And finally, the federal government is telling you how you should roast your marshmallows.

Recently, the Forest Service came out with tips for making s'mores.

Some of the tips are safety-related. But others err on the side of a healthier treat rather than the gooey chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker concoction that is an American tradition.

The article suggests substituting fruit for the chocolate, angel food cake for the graham cracker, and even foregoing the signature burnt marshmallow altogether -- replacing it with a thin layer of marshmallow spread.

This has outraged s'mores purists and lawmakers alike.

Quote -- "This perfectly captures what is wrong with our government," Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy writes. Quote -- "Hard-earned tax dollars supporting bureaucrats who can't pass up an opportunity to tell us how to live our lives."