Trump: Border crisis is a 'typical disaster' under this White House

Reaction to president's handling of issues


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, to Donald Trump, who says he is embarrassed by the president's handling of this border crisis. He joins us right now on the phone.

The costs keep mounting, Donald. What do you make of this?

DONALD TRUMP, CHAIRMAN & CEO, TRUMP HOTELS & CASINO RESORTS: Well, embarrassed by this and embarrassed by virtually everything else that is going on in the country.

It's -- the United States has become an immigration -- a dumping ground. And at first, I thought actually he did want to keep all of these folks out. And by putting up a wall of sorts, whether it is a human wall or a concrete wall or whether it is just good strong police enforcement, you would able to keep them out.

But you have to remember Mexico is a highway into the United States. They laugh at the United States. They laugh at our stupid -- at out total stupidity. They are laughing all the way to the bank. We're sending our industry to Mexico. We're giving tax credits to people that do things in Mexico, and yet we have a Marine who is the only person that can't come into this country.

He's all locked up and all shackled up. And he's having the hell beat out of him, from what I understand, by the prisoners and probably the guards that are in Mexico. This is not a pleasant time he's having. So, we can't get a Marine out, but everybody else is pouring into the United States. And it's -- it's really disgraceful.

CAVUTO: Well, that was certainly the case with Sergeant Tahmooressi at the outset.

But, Donald, I would be curious to get what you thought of the president saying Friday night at a fund-raiser that much of these crises are overplayed in the media and by the president's opponents, that he just kind of sloughed it off.

What did you make of that?

TRUMP: Well, when you have 10,000 people pouring into the borders on a weekly basis, just pouring in, and nobody -- I was listening to what Byron said, which was excellent. And one of the things the nobody says is that some of the language, it's not even Spanish.

It's a language that we have no expertise in, because kids are coming in with a language that is a foreign language to everybody, and there is no way of communicating, and there's no way of hiring people to teach them. And the court system is all blocked up and they're going to be here for many, many years.

And it's a typical disaster for the United States, one of many.


TRUMP: So, you look at what is going on, and it's just one more of many disasters going on during this administration in this country.

CAVUTO: The latest of course being ISIS, And you made a comment the other day, I think to Breitbart News, in which you said ISIS made a very big mistake when they so publicly beheaded Mr. Foley, the reporter.

Now they have followed up with what appears to be yet another beheading of yet another American journalist and threatening a British journalist. Do you think the power and the president would be within his right to expand the air campaign even without congressional OK, given these latest developments?

TRUMP: Well, I thought they made a mistake.

And I was just listening to say that they just beheaded another reporter and more to come. And they have beheaded plenty of other people over there.

And these are animals, as far as I'm concerned. And you're going to have to deal very strongly. And the interesting thing, by doing that and by doing what they did, they really have people that were very dovish, people that I know that were very dovish, all of a sudden have become major hawks. And it's very interesting.

So, let's see whether or not they have done the right thing. But the United States, with proper leadership, has a habit of biting back pretty strongly if you look over history. And it's pretty bad, what is -- what is going on is worldwide in so many different ways.

Even Putin talking about his nuclear weapons for the first time ever -- this is the first time any major power has actually used the term nuclear and talking about it, but Putin the other day talking about, don't mess around with Russia. We have nuclear weapons.

Wow. I said to myself, we have come a long way down in this country, haven't we?

CAVUTO: I'm always wondering, because your name comes up running for president or what have you, but one of the guy's names who is mentioned a lot is that of your friend New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is in Mexico right now, trying to drum up business for the state of New Jersey.

But one of the issues that is the backdrop of this is the deterioration of Atlantic City, 6,000 -- a lot of jobs lost at the Revel bankruptcy, others. You're all but pulling out there.

What is going on and do you think that hurts Chris Christie?

TRUMP: Well, it doesn't help.

And I got very lucky because -- or smart -- I don't know, lucky or smart, you tell me, but seven years ago, I left. And I saw what was happening. I saw the handwriting on the wall.

CAVUTO: Why? What did you see then? That predates Chris Christie, but what you did see?

TRUMP: Well, they never -- they never did what they should have done. They built a terrible convention center. That could have built a great convention center right on the boardwalk.

And I told them, this is the way to do it. And politically they didn't want to do that. It would have been beautiful. They would have a center four times the size for one-third the money. And they didn't do that.

Instead, they built a convention center far from the boardwalk in the middle of nowhere, and then nobody was using it because they couldn't get to the hotels, which were already built, so they built a hotel that had the lowest occupancy in the United States. And they spent hundreds of millions of dollars doing this. It was a total mess.

Then they had all these plans for the airport. They never pulled them off.


CAVUTO: Do you think that bites the governor, Donald? Do you think that it might -- it predates him, to your point.

TRUMP: Well, it does predate him.

CAVUTO: But even with tax credits and the allowances and the personal attention he's given to try to see the Revel right itself and all these other casinos that are now in duress, that maybe it's too late and maybe this is the thing that hits him, not that Bridgegate scandal, not of that stuff.

TRUMP: Well, one of the things that happened to Atlantic City is just competition from so many other states. And one of the reasons that I left years ago -- and I brought a lawsuit a couple of weeks ago to have my name taken off the building, because they're using my name.

And based on what they're doing, they're not supposed to be using the name, so it's one of those things. But -- so, as you reported last -- a couple of weeks ago, I sued to have my name taken off the building.

So, I got lucky when I left. And I'm made the right decision. But the fact is, you have a lot of competition. When Pennsylvania got gaming and Maryland got gaming and everybody -- the United States is becoming one big fat casino -- and all of a sudden, Atlantic City, people were not going there.

And you look at the numbers, they're half what they were...


CAVUTO: Well, why -- why didn't those type of developments hurt Vegas, to the degree that it hurt Atlantic City, because there are outer locales where there's the same sort of thing.

TRUMP: Right.

CAVUTO: It didn't seem to hit them as hard as it did Atlantic City.

TRUMP: Well, it's a different model.


TRUMP: They have many, many more rooms. They have big convention areas, big -- it's a great convention town.

I have a hotel there that is very successful. And it does great.


TRUMP: It's a much different attitude.

But they have -- it's a big convention town. They have massive convention centers. They have more than one. And it does well. It's a different kind of a place. And Atlantic City was never able to pull it off. Atlantic City made many, many, many mistakes. And when I had the chance to get out, I had to take it. And I loved Atlantic City, but they -- I just watched mistake after mistake made by the politicians.


TRUMP: And predating Governor Christie, by the way, but made by the politicians, and they were beauties. CAVUTO: I would be remiss if I didn't mention this ice bucket challenge you did. I thought it was the most original of all that I have seen, only because you had two gorgeous beauties dunking ice on you.

It destroyed what I know is a very expensive suit. And it proved, despite all your naysayers, that that hair is indeed yours.

Why did you do this?

TRUMP: Well, it is mine.

And that's the one thing I proved. I mean, everyone said, oh, wow, it is his hair. Most people know that anyway.

I think you know that, right? You can tell.

CAVUTO: Indeed. Indeed.

TRUMP: But the fact is it's -- the ALS thing was good. It was -- a lot of people wanted me. Vince McMahon is a tremendous guy. And he...

CAVUTO: Where did use do this? On the roof of the building there?


TRUMP: I did it on the roof of Trump Tower.


TRUMP: And I own the Miss Universe contest, which is Miss USA, Miss Universe.


TRUMP: And the two beautiful women were in town. And I said, I wonder if they're in town. And they said yes. I said, wow. Ask them to come over. They can dump water and ice all over my head. And they did that.

And it got, I guess, the most hits of anybody and it was a lot of fun. But, most importantly, it benefited ALS.

CAVUTO: Oh, it was great. What happened to the suit? What happened to the suit? That was a beautiful suit.

TRUMP: The suit was virtually destroyed.

CAVUTO: Really?


TRUMP: The suit -- the suit was pretty well wiped out. And I said, let's not do it with a suit. They all thought it would look better with a suit, so I did it with a suit. But it was worth it because it got tremendous awareness for the whole ALS...


CAVUTO: It most certainly did.

And you did a lot of -- you did a lot of good.

Donald Trump, thank you very, very much.

TRUMP: Well, thank you very much, Neil. Pleasure.

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