Common Sense

Cavuto: That's how liberals roll, they roll us

It's human nature to be extra generous on someone else's dime


Have you ever been treated out to dinner? It's fun, right?

Someone else is picking up the tab, so you order pretty much whatever you want.

And wouldn't you? You're not paying.

So go ahead and order the appetizer, maybe two appetizers, and the dessert, and forget the glass of wine. How about the whole darn bottle?

Like I said, why check the price, if someone else is picking up the check?

It's human nature to be extra generous on someone else's dime.

And don't liberals know it.

Ok, not all liberals, just the ones picking out all the great things on the menu, and leaving it for someone else to pay.

The ones saying we should enroll in our schools these tens of thousands of illegal kids who showed up at our doorstep this summer as long as they don't have to pay for it.

The ones pushing tough clean air standards, as long as they're not the ones paying 30 percent more in utility bills for it.

The ones refusing to even slightly slow spending on Medicare, as long as they can foist yet another surtax on the rich to pay for Medicare.

The ones pushing healthcare for those who never had it, but never say boo about everyone else paying through the nose for it.

That's how liberals roll. They roll us.

There's nothing wrong with talking pie in the sky, as long as you're willing to pay for the pie.

It's quite another thing when you leave an increasingly smaller slice of Americans to pay through the nose.

Because it's very easy to dig someone digging into someone else's wallet.

As long as it's not your wallet.

As long as those illegals don't come to your town.

Or mess up your schools.

Or tax your kids' teachers.

It's all good, when you can pay for your clean air on someone else's dirty, hard-earned cash.

As long as it's not your cash.

And doesn't show up in your electric bill.

And doesn't mess with your life.

It's easy to spread the sheet as long as it's not your spreadsheet.

It's easy to talk the talk, as long as you don't have to pay for the walk.

So you keep talking, because someone else keeps paying.

It's always someone else.

But what if it weren't?

What if we all had to pay for what they say? And what they promise?

What if they had to put up, or just shut up?

What if liberals put up their money for what they really want us to do with our money?

What if they spelled it all out and then said, you still in?

I'd have a lot more respect for them if they did.

If they spent for what they spout.

Some do. Most don't.

And here we all be.

Like pigs at a slaughter, forgetting we're the ones getting slaughtered.

So busy reading the menu.

We fail to notice we're on the menu.